Study Financing Netherlands: About us

Who Are We?


We are an organization that focuses on helping students get study financing and a student job in the Netherlands. At Study Financing Netherlands, we focus on finding the right solution for you. Using the support from our job providers in combination with our vast experience in the industry, we are able to provide you with the right resources.

The Focus.

-Finding you the right study financing;

-Matching you the right students jobs;

-Providing you with the right information that will allow you to enjoy your time in the Netherlands. Most importantly: without having to worry about your finances. Check out our College Guide and Job Guide.

The Method.

We help you get the right resources through our partners and our client advisors. Using a video conferencing platform, we assist you online. Why online?  You save time and money you would usually have to spend for unnecessary traveling. You can simply chose the type of appointment you would like to book, the time and the payment method.


The Vision.

Our vision is to become a global leader in helping students get study financing and a student job the Netherlands.

The Mission.

Our mission is to provide students in the Netherlands with the right resources. We want them to enjoy their stay in the Netherlands without having to think about their finances.

  The Story.

Kristian arrived to Rotterdam in August 2013, in order to study at the prominent Rotterdam School of Management. During this academic year, he found himself in need of a stable income, thus he searched for possible student jobs for internationals. The reason? He needed to work in order to get study financing.

After having visited just about every bar, restaurant and retail store in Rotterdam, after being told off by Dutch  job agencies due the inability to speak Dutch, he finally received the call he was waiting for. He was successfully hired for a job at a retail store.

He was only half the way to getting study financing.

By that time, he had been going to the Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO) for over a month, making sure all the documentation was correct he fulfilled the hours to be worked requirement.

Unfortunately, after visiting DUO on a regular basis (twice a week!), he realized that whatever requirements he was told previously, were insufficient when it came to collecting his financial aid. This went on for weeks until he met all the requirements.

The cause of this problem was partially the lack of step-by-step guidance in applying for study financing as an kristian voldrichinternational. There was no specific support from any study advisors or other organizations. Everyone out there was just giving him general advice and sending me back and forth to other institutions.

The other part of the problem was the lack of detailed information in English. Sure, the requirements are clear, but that is if, and only if everything goes the right way. The what-ifs are not answered.

At one point, Kristian decided it was time for a change. He knew that he gathered enough experience and the resources. The decision was finally made in January 2015: Study Financing Netherlands was founded.

Now you know about Study Financing Netherlands. What’s next?

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