New Year Resolutions: Start applying for a job now!

STARTING WITH THE RIGHT STEP   The new year has already been going for a couple of weeks now. February is almost there. And basically spring, summer, autumn….wait! No pressure. I know, this is what all of us are thinking now. But, if you want this new year to be different, you need to start […]

New Year’s Resolutions Series: a new start!

Let’s start again   After all those Christmas dinners and lunches, we are still in a sleepy mood and some of us may have not realized that…it’s already 2017! The new year always marks a new beginning, we fill as if we are given the chance, at least for once a year, to re-start again, […]

SFN Shopping Series: Christmas Gifts for My Bestie (or Girlfriend)

CHRISTMAS IS AROUND THE CORNER. Time for some Christmas Gifts.   Although you are now very much focused on your exams (read our DO-s and DON’T-s article on how to survive), you should also be aware that…Christmas is getting CLOSER AND CLOSER! Which means: OH-GOSH-I-HAVE-TO-BUY-SOME-PRESENTS! or OH-AGAIN-WHAT-AM-I-GONNA-BUY? It’s all good, no worries, don’t panic…I AM HERE […]

Christmas Holiday Escape: Let’s Do It!

Ready for a Holiday Escape?  Pre-holidays mood: very bad! For most students, in this moment of the year, Christmas holidays look like a an oasis in the desert. SO FAR, SO HARD TO GET THERE! You have a lot to study. TRUE. First semester finals are behind the corner…BUT, after all this working, you also […]

Trump and the Netherlands: what will happen now?

This 2016 has been full of unexpected and shaking news. And has not ended yet. In the morning of 24th June, we woke up with the news that the UK had positively voted for the Brexit. In the morning of 3rd November, we woke up and – as it was hard to believe – Donald […]

Social media and espionage. Did you know you are “cybervetted”?

All of us are spending an incredible amount of time on social media. Some of us may use it especially for staying in contact with friends and family. This is particularly true for international students. Others may use it more for information purposes or for job searching. Whatever your reason may be, you are present in […]

The Netherlands: the new students’ land.

new students – new record! According to : “a record 265,000 new students are currently registered at the Netherlands’ 13 universities“.  The Dutch university association says that this is an increase of 2.5% on a year ago. Besides, the number of first-year students has raised to 52,000 (up by 8%).   Students migration Among the […]

Global cheap shopping festival

Go cheap or go home Cheap shopping is surely most of you students use this motto as a mantra for cheap shopping. For instance, how many times have you said something like:  “I need to buy…but I am broke”. “Let’s go out on Sat…but somewhere cheap!” “Look at this coat!…Nice, is it cheap?” BUT ALSO… […]

student loans

Student loans: 0% interest rate in the Netherlands

Student loans step into a new era! This is not a joke. On October 27th, DUO – The Dutch Ministry of Education – has decided to cut the interest rate on student loans to 0%. This will be applied as of next year. In September 2015, some important changes had already been approved. In fact, the repayment […]

Trick or treat? It’s Dutch Halloween time!

In this time of the year, when there is no sign of the summer vacation’s tan, and Christmas is still far to be expected, there is one holiday that lifts the spirits up. Literally! For sure, this is Halloween. The Dutch Halloween is unique at its own. It is true that is not the place […]