12 Tips to Improving your Communication Skills: Part 2

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In our previous posts, we introduced the importance of communication skills and 6 tips on how to improve them. Now, let’s continue with the last 6  tips that will allow you to become more of an effective communicator.

#7 Don’t guess, ASK

Communication skills
You need to make sure that you understand what the other person really means. Similarly with listening tips, wrong assumptions will face consequences. When you are still in the conversation, ask if you do not get something that someone else said. If you want to guess, then say it out loud: “… I guess what you meant is …”

#8 Respect others and yourself

When the other people speak, it is better to maintain non-judgmental manners by having an open attitude; you should be always willing to understand people and accept their opinions. Make sure NOT to embarrass others publicly.

This will also apply to you. If you sense discrimination or criticism that makes you feel discontent, tell the others about your feelings because you also deserve respect from them. An alternative might be to excuse yourself and leave the conversations before anything goes wrong. In other words, be professional about it at all times.

#9 Positive attitude

Maintaining a positive attitude brighten up the atmosphere and make the others feel welcome to participate in a discussion. And remember to put a smile on your face!

Communication Skills

#10 Develop communication skills by utilizing silence

Using silence is the also the one of the most important communication skills. Silence is powerful. It gives people time to reflect, to absorb information,  and to react appropriately. It also recharges a person’s energy and makes sure the conversation do not end meaninglessly. 

#11 Ask for feedback to improve your communication skills

The best way to know whether you communicate in the right/appropriate way is to ask others. Of course, you need to inform people in advance that you need honest feedback for self-development. This way can help you find and handle both your strengths and weaknesses.

Remember: Being aware of your weaknesses is as important as consistently working on them. However, it is also important to celebrate your strengths and achievements, even if they aren’t so significant. Compliment yourself for being courageous and getting the job done!

#12 Join clubs

Not only speaking clubs, but any kind of clubs focusing on hobbies can do the magic.  You will always be prone to talk more when it’s regarding a topic of your interest. You also tend to be more expressive and be yourself when you are with your peers. So, let’s take advantages of that.

Do you have any tips on how you improved your communication skills?