4 Reasons to Have Good Recommendation Letters

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The good recommendation

… will definitely make you stand out from the “crowd of applicants”. These recommendations will help you greatly in applying for a job, university’s admission, or scholarship grants.
Now, let us share with you four main reasons why good recommendation letters truly matter.

#1 To have better insights about yourself

Indeed, good recommendation letters will give your future recruiters a better understanding about your background and capability.
Furthermore, the inclusion of these letters in your application file can save recruiters time researching about you online. Also, they do not need to call your referrers or former HR department to get the information. That already can be counted as a good first impression.

It is true that recruiters can always know about you via the CV or motivation/cover letter. But as we mentioned earlier at the beginning, recommendations give you competitive advantages.


→ Any candidates can outperform you in terms of mind-blowing CV and cover letter. With solely CV and cover letter, it is YOU talking about YOU. Meanwhile, recruiters needs a more objective viewpoint. And that leads us to the second reason.

#2 To provide recruiters with relevant perceptions from others about you

Recommendations do the best job in answering “Why are you the ideal candidate?”. You can always demonstrate your best sides in your motivation letter, but the recruiters would love to see more than just that.


Rather than subjective statements, they want to hear what professionals think about you. Those professionals could be anyone: your former supervisor, colleagues, mentor, manager, etc. Their objective viewpoints matter in a great deal. In other words, recruiters validate “your problem solving skills” based on your referrer’s words, and not solely on yours.

Hence, it is totally crucial to have the right professionals to recommend you.  And don’t worry, here are our tips on how to get a good recommendation letter.

#3 To endorse you

Referrals endorse you greatly.

Endorsements are skills/ competences that people agree you truly possess.

On LinkedIn, endorsements are more like a short digital form of written recommendations. People will look at your listed skills firstly. Then, they “endorse you” with what they think you are capable of. If they have a “good story” about you, they will write it under “Recommendation” part.

The same mechanism applies for recommendations written on paper. There is a small difference with the paper-approach though. Your referrers will write down relevant skills/competences with a supporting story of you in the letter.

Such referrals can convince potential recruiters that you have the “package” they are looking for. For instance, referrers can point out your fitness to the team (proof of being a “team player”) or your important contributions to the company quite well.

#4 To differentiate yourself from other candidates


What recruiters often search for in any application file of their candidates are:

> Qualifications and qualities which are applicable to the position;

> Achievements and credentials;

> Personality that matches perfectly with the future team.

Moreover, recruiters also look for “trustworthy” evidence for your specific case. And “good recommendation letters” are the missing puzzle pieces.

Plus, you cannot say much about yourself on an A4 page. So let’s use recommendation letters to emphasize your best strengths and/or to provide additional information about yourself to recruiters.


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