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Ace job interviews – 4 tips and no fear!

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Job interviews. Many consider them to be nerve-wrecking experiences, especially students who usually don’t have extensive background when it comes to interviews.

Making a good impression on the interviewer, like anything else, takes practice. There are however certain tips that can help anyone feel more confident, and what comes with that – make a good impression.

These job interview tips for students will be especially useful if you are in the midst of searching for a job, which Study Financing can definitely help you with! 

Now you will be introduced to the job interview tips for students, we have compiled, which we asure you, will boost your confidence and help you ace job interviews for any future time!

1.Be well prepared!



This may seem trivial, but being well prepared  may be one of the leading factors, which helps candidates score well on job interviews. 

What we are talking about is not only extensive background research on the company and position you are applying for but also on the interview itself.

It’s very useful to look up “tough job interview questions” and try to answer them yourself, either on paper or out loud. Now, why practice answers you may ask? 

The answer is because. Because by this way you will be well prepared and you won’t end up speechless to find an answer to a question like “So what are your strengths and weaknesses”? Because all you can think about it is that you procrastinate too much and you should have prepared before!

To have looked at potential questions beforehand increases your chance of covering most of the questions you will be asked during the interview. This will give you additional confidence, as you will feel you can handle anything they throw at you , and you will ace job interviews fearlessly!

2. Body language is key


Most of us are not aware of how our body langauge is read by others. However, this will not be the case after you get familiar with the fundamentals of body posture. Everyone from Barack Obama to Kim Kardashian knows that body language is key to making a good impression and doing well on your job interview.

There is a myth that an interviewer makes their mind up about a candidate in the first 10 seconds after they walk in the door. Is it true? Probably yes.

So, for your future success, and to ace job interviews with no stress, what we can tell you for sure is that body language matters and you can ace your job interview if you take into consideration how to use it effectively!

One of the key things to remember is eye contact. You need to make eye contact  with the interviewer. Your answers will have so much more appeal if you look at the person you are talking to!

Using your hands to support your words is another key thing. Gesticulating (not extensively!) helps you emphasize what you’re saying. It also makes you seem more enthusiatic and engaged. 

Smiling will also make you seem more approachable and friendly.


3. Get some sleep!



No we dont want to seem like your mother. But, sleep is important and unless you are a celebrity with a team of stylists you will look and feel worse-for-wear if you party or don’t sleep the night before. But if you were a celebrity, you wouldn’t need job interview. And if you were able to cover tiredness, you cannot embrace the way you feel about it.

Thus, the fresher you feel, the fresher you will seem to the interviewer, and the faster your thoughts will flow. It might be a big loss when you appear as a candidate who is not focused and clearly exhausted!


4. Have your own questions prepared

Usually most interviews end with the interviewer asking the candidate if they have any questions. Those who decline the opportunity to ask usually score less on the interview than those who do have questions.

It is vital to show your interest and engagement in the company and the job you are applying for. Ace job interviews by preparing a few questions concerning the position or anything that might interest you to ask the interviewer (relevant and appropriate of course!). The interviewer will surely be pleasantly suprised by your interest.

These job interview tips have hopefully made you more confident and now you are ready to ace job interviews!