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Brief Guideline for Study Financing Requirements

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You might have heard about the term “study financing”. You have probably known what it is, but still wondering about those study financing requirements. Or this could be the first time you’ve ever heard of it.

Regardless of the situations, worry no more. Rest assured.

Here we are.

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Study Financing Requirements – The Infographic Version

To briefly explain, Student Finance, or so called studiefinanciering in Dutch, is a financing package offered by the Dutch Ministry of Education to both Dutch and international students.

Yes, we know it sounds terrific. However, there are many study financing requirements and type of grants, depending on your situation. You can always check out detailed information on what the new student finance (since 2015) is and what it consists of in our previous post.

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If you’d like to know more about this financing type before contacting us, the following infographic is just for you. The infographic was extracted from one of our post, which is in written form.

This infographic is a simple flowchart with yes/no questions. All you need to do is to reflect on your own case and to answer the question by following the corresponding arrows.

Easy peasy right?


study finance Netherlands explained

Congratulations. You have reached the final stage of the quest. We hope that this infographic can help you a great deal in finding out your eligibility.

Do you still have any doubt? Or you could’t find your personal in the charts? Or you want to know more about different financing types?

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