Procrastination- the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Have you ever heard about the term Procrastination? The answer is more likely to be NO.  Kidding, of course. You probably know much more about it than you think.  Now, let’s us share what we know about Procrastination and how to compromise with it. What is Procrastination? Before going to the point, let’s have a […]

Professional Networking Skills in 5 Simple Steps

Professional networking skills – the soft skills to survive Networking is a often the path to success, especially in the business and corporate world. Professional networking skills can be considered as a key to expand your professional circle, with more chances of employment, partnership, business expansion, and why not more than that. For example, people whose main works and […]

networking skills

Networking skills – where should you start?

  Professional networking skills – WHERE should you start? Networking skills. We have all heard about them at some point in from our teachers to be beneficial for our professional career. They are praised to be extremely important when building your network for your future career. However it is not clear to all how to […]

study financing requirements netherlands

Brief Guideline for Study Financing Requirements

You might have heard about the term “study financing”. You have probably known what it is, but still wondering about those study financing requirements. Or this could be the first time you’ve ever heard of it. Regardless of the situations, worry no more. Rest assured. Here we are. Ready to help you know more the […]

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5 Tips and Tricks to Customize Your CV

Customize Your CV a good way to stand out from the crowd of  applicants We have discussed about the very basic yet effective template for your professional CV. Now, let’s take it to the advanced level of how to customize your CV. Why does customization matter then? → Firstly, when you customize your CV, you […]

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Freshmen tips – How to balance your schedule?

  Freshmen tips – How to balance your schedule? Freshmen tips – how to effectively balance your schedule. This is a struggle every freshmen faces sooner or later. At one point you might find yourself overwhelmed with the fast approaching deadlines and you’ll think “what have I been doing all this time?!” Don’t worry – each […]

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Freshmen tips – how to get started?

  Freshmen tips – How to get started? Being a freshmen. We’ve all been there or are about to be. Starting university can feel overwhelming, especially when you decide to study abroad. The good beginning is crucial, and an adequate (or no) preparation can be decisive for a student if he/she would be able to […]

4 Reasons to Have Good Recommendation Letters

The good recommendation… … will definitely make you stand out from the “crowd of applicants”. These recommendations will help you greatly in applying for a job, university’s admission, or scholarship grants. Now, let us share with you four main reasons why good recommendation letters truly matter. #1 To have better insights about yourself Indeed, good recommendation letters will give your […]

6 Fundamentals of Non-Verbal Communication

Improving your non-verbal communication ability People tend to observe and to interpret your non-verbal communication behavior more than to listen to what you are speaking. And believe it, your body can tell a much better story than you do. Regardless of how good your speech is, a wrong implementation of your non-verbal communication can lead to disasters. Hence, I would […]

12 Tips to Improving your Communication Skills: Part 2

In our previous posts, we introduced the importance of communication skills and 6 tips on how to improve them. Now, let’s continue with the last 6  tips that will allow you to become more of an effective communicator. #7 Don’t guess, ASK You need to make sure that you understand what the other person really means. […]