Dutch health insurance: what you should know

If you are planning to study and live in The Netherlands, you may want to know certain things about the Dutch healthcare system and health insurance. Especially, if you want to work besides your studies. When is Dutch health insurance mandatory? A Dutch health insurance becomes obligatory when you get a job in The Netherlands. […]

study financing requirements netherlands

Brief Guideline for Study Financing Requirements

You might have heard about the term “study financing”. You have probably known what it is, but still wondering about those study financing requirements. Or this could be the first time you’ve ever heard of it. Regardless of the situations, worry no more. Rest assured. Here we are. Ready to help you know more the […]

Get good recommendation

5 Steps to Get Good Recommendation Letters

In our previous post, we mentioned how good recommendations can make your application profile more attractive. Now, let us show you basic steps and some useful tips to get good recommendation letters for your job application, school admission, and/or scholarship grants. The short guideline to get good recommendation letters Step 1: Be impressive, or at least notable to […]

Student Finance: Common Misconceptions

Student Finance Misconceptions If you are reading this, you are most probably a student in the Netherlands. Maybe you have heard about this so called student finance offered from the Dutch Ministry of Education. Maybe not. The reason this article has been written is due to the lack of transparency and the overflow of misleading information. […]

4 reasons to use our JOBS section

1. One place, Multiple jobs.  We are the only ones in the Netherlands that have a single list of part-time job positions for international students. You have the option of working in marketing and sales departments and earn some extra cash on the side. 2. Non-Dutch You demand, we supply. We know that many international students are […]