Dutch health insurance: what you should know

If you are planning to study and live in The Netherlands, you may want to know certain things about the Dutch healthcare system and health insurance. Especially, if you want to work besides your studies. When is Dutch health insurance mandatory? A Dutch health insurance becomes obligatory when you get a job in The Netherlands. […]

act differently

Building a successful career: follow your dreams…or not!

THE SUCCESSFUL CAREER RECIPE Since children we have been told what to do to be successful. How to build a successful career was a priority lesson. It was a simple recipe to follow: INGREDIENTS FOR A SUCCESSFUL CAREER: ✓ Go to school ✓ Be a good student ✓ Work hard ✓ Following your dreams ✓ […]

experience before graduation

Experience before graudation – why is it important?

Experience before graduation – why is it important? Well that’s a good question. Many students nowadays consider whether experience is neccessary before graduating. Obtaining experience before graduation requires students to devote time to work. Some find that difficult to juggle the scarce time. However it can bring you big benefits. Below we will explain why. ► […]

student job positions

Best student job positions

Student job positions – what are the best? Student job positions ? Good question! Deciding on what are the best jobs for students can be tricky. As we all well know, students have to juggle studying and working. Hence, not all part-time positions are suitable for university students. Knowing what are the best jobs for […]

Ace job interviews

Ace job interviews – 4 tips and no fear!

ACE YOUR JOB INTERVIEWS   Job interviews. Many consider them to be nerve-wrecking experiences, especially students who usually don’t have extensive background when it comes to interviews. Making a good impression on the interviewer, like anything else, takes practice. There are however certain tips that can help anyone feel more confident, and what comes with […]

perfect cv

The Simply Perfect CV Template for Young Professionals

Making a perfect CV – the very first step a young professional need to take. So you are looking for an internship, traineeship, official or even temporary job, aren’t you? Or maybe, it is simply for the small assignment that your career consultant gave you. One way or another, you have probably found this post […]

working while studying

Working while studying – it is worth it!

Working while studying – the ultimate student challenge.   Working while studying – the thought of it often brings about issues such as, whether we have the time to juggle work and studying or whether it is worth it. Well this article will answer this question, yes it is! Just go ahead and keep reading, and […]

Want a Job? Use a Simple Rule of Thumb: Quality over Quantity.

Yes. Quality over Quantity. You know the scenario. Suddenly you realize you are in a dear need for cash and so you start looking for a part-time job. You find a couple of them and you are so enthusiastic to apply for them that you begin writing up your cover letters on the same day. […]

What to include in a Job Application

Preparing a Job Application? Let us help you. As a student, money comes rarely and goes away too quickly. Most of us therefore try to find a side job. But your potential employer will need to hear other reasons than earning money to be convinced that you should be selected for the job.  Below you will find information […]

Christmas Money: Get a Temporary Job

It’s time to fund your Holidays. Staying home? All your friends are gone? At least you can use your time to make some money – and go home during the next break. But where can you find temporary holiday employment? Here is a small list that might help you find a job: Visit our Job […]