Dutch health insurance: what you should know

If you are planning to study and live in The Netherlands, you may want to know certain things about the Dutch healthcare system and health insurance. Especially, if you want to work besides your studies. When is Dutch health insurance mandatory? A Dutch health insurance becomes obligatory when you get a job in The Netherlands. […]

The Dutch Carnival: What happens in the Netherlands?

This year, Dutch Carnival has taken place from Friday February 24th until Tuesday February 28th (also known as ‘Fat Tuesday’). Carnival is a moment of the year when both young and old people get into the streets to make some noise while wearing extravagant costumes.  The origins of Carnival Marking the start of the Christian fasting […]

Tuition fees and scholarships in the Netherlands

If you are planning to study in the Netherlands, the first two things you want to know about it are certainly tuition fees and scholarships. Then, you need to read this! Tuition fees The annual tuition fees for a degree programme or course at a Dutch higher education institution start at approximately 1,950 for EU […]

Secrets to success: how to handle working and studying

In a previous post, we discussed how to work while studying, in the Netherlands. We  also gave a few tips on how to find part-time jobs or internships. However, a lot of you may wonder how to handle working and studying at the same time. We are not here to tell you lies. IT WON’T […]

New Year’s Resolutions: working and studying, in the Netherlands

“I NEED A JOB” This is one of the most-said sentences by students. Especially when you go to the food hall and the healthy sandwich costs 5 euros. Thus, you end up buying the inexpensive and super unhealthy fries. We have all gone through this! However, there is a solution to change this situation: working and […]

New Year’s Resolutions: Start applying for a job now!

STARTING WITH THE RIGHT STEP   The new year has already been going for a couple of weeks now. February is almost there. And basically spring, summer, autumn….wait! No pressure. I know, this is what all of us are thinking now. But, if you want this new year to be different, you need to start […]

New Year’s Resolutions Series: a new start!

Let’s start again   After all those Christmas dinners and lunches, we are still in a sleepy mood and some of us may have not realized that…it’s already 2017! The new year always marks a new beginning, we fill as if we are given the chance, at least for once a year, to re-start again, […]

Christmas Holiday Escape: Let’s Do It!

Ready for a Holiday Escape?  Pre-holidays mood: very bad! For most students, in this moment of the year, Christmas holidays look like a an oasis in the desert. SO FAR, SO HARD TO GET THERE! You have a lot to study. TRUE. First semester finals are behind the corner…BUT, after all this working, you also […]

student house furniture

Student house transformation – challenge accepted!

Welcome to the student house! After a desperate research, you have finally found a student house in the Netherlands, yay! Though if you are a student, you have most likely found a room. What you need to do now is making it cozy and nice. After all, your house- room- is also your shelter! Then, here come […]

housing in the netherlands

New academic year: looking for a house!

Housing in The Netherlands How is it possible? ..without getting a headache The new academic year has already started and students are all set: books, classes, super full schedule, new friends, old friends, and a nice and cozy house! That sounds like a fairy tale but reality is all another thing, and most of you […]