Trump and the Netherlands: what will happen now?

This 2016 has been full of unexpected and shaking news. And has not ended yet. In the morning of 24th June, we woke up with the news that the UK had positively voted for the Brexit. In the morning of 3rd November, we woke up and – as it was hard to believe – Donald […]

Social media and espionage. Did you know you are “cybervetted”?

All of us are spending an incredible amount of time on social media. Some of us may use it especially for staying in contact with friends and family. This is particularly true for international students. Others may use it more for information purposes or for job searching. Whatever your reason may be, you are present in […]

The Netherlands: the new students’ land.

new students – new record! According to : “a record 265,000 new students are currently registered at the Netherlands’ 13 universities“.  The Dutch university association says that this is an increase of 2.5% on a year ago. Besides, the number of first-year students has raised to 52,000 (up by 8%).   Students migration Among the […]

student loans

Student loans: 0% interest rate in the Netherlands

Student loans step into a new era! This is not a joke. On October 27th, DUO – The Dutch Ministry of Education – has decided to cut the interest rate on student loans to 0%. This will be applied as of next year. In September 2015, some important changes had already been approved. In fact, the repayment […]

Trick or treat? It’s Dutch Halloween time!

In this time of the year, when there is no sign of the summer vacation’s tan, and Christmas is still far to be expected, there is one holiday that lifts the spirits up. Literally! For sure, this is Halloween. The Dutch Halloween is unique at its own. It is true that is not the place […]

exams' session

Exams’ session: the do-s and don’t-s to survive!

Survival. Or with other words.. exams’ session! Just reading about exams’ session makes you anxious. Again? Another one? It’s fine, no worries, the good thing is that we are all on the same boat, during a storm, trying to make it to the end… …yes, maybe this doesn’t really help since boats can make you sick. But at […]


Who is the salesperson companies are looking for?

You are the salesperson they are looking for! You just do not know it yet. According to Grant Cardone, author of the book Sell or Be Sold: How to Get Your Way in Business and in Life: “Great salespeople are literally the engine of every economy in the world.” Now, defining what great actually means it’ kind […]

act differently

Building a successful career: follow your dreams…or not!

THE SUCCESSFUL CAREER RECIPE Since children we have been told what to do to be successful. How to build a successful career was a priority lesson. It was a simple recipe to follow: INGREDIENTS FOR A SUCCESSFUL CAREER: ✓ Go to school ✓ Be a good student ✓ Work hard ✓ Following your dreams ✓ […]

networking skills

Networking skills – where should you start?

  Professional networking skills – WHERE should you start? Networking skills. We have all heard about them at some point in from our teachers to be beneficial for our professional career. They are praised to be extremely important when building your network for your future career. However it is not clear to all how to […]

how to save money as a student

The mastering of the student budget

  Surviving on a student budget – mission possible! Student budget has limits, and they sometimes are tighter that we can imagine – especially when you are studying abroad. Coming to a different country can mean you’re not familiar with all the know-how’s of the local life. It may take months before you understand the […]