Christmas Holiday Escape: Let’s Do It!

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Ready for a Holiday Escape? 

Holiday Escape

Pre-holidays mood: very bad!

For most students, in this moment of the year, Christmas holidays look like a an oasis in the desert. SO FAR, SO HARD TO GET THERE!

You have a lot to study. TRUE. First semester finals are behind the corner…BUT, after all this working, you also deserve thinking of a little vacation! And you don’t want to get on the Christmas Eve saying  (as every year): “Where are we going after Christmas? Everything is so expensive now!”.

This is why, now is the moment to start looking at your next destination- c’mon I know you don’t mind taking breaks while studying, sooo…make a wise use of your procrastinating 😛

So how should you plan the perfect holiday escape?

YES to holidays, NO to expensive

You need a break, a vacation with your partner or some friends sounds great. Still, you are a student and your budget is very limited.

Thankfully, the world has developed and has become a more student-friendly place. Therefore, there are many ways to travel with a low budget to cool cities, especially if you live in the Netherlands! Why? Because you are in the center of Europe and all major cities are at a bus ride or a short flight.

How to travel cheaply?



This is a great option to travel almost everywhere in Europe, especially from the Netherlands. In fact, Amsterdam-Antwerp only takes a couple of hours and Amsterdam-Brussels less than three. Paris is about seven hours from Amsterdam and same for Berlin. Now, you may think that is too long on a bus…well, when you get to pay 20 euros per one-way (THAT IS CHEAP), you will not complain too much and also, the idea of taking a loooong nap does not sound that bad 🙂

What companies?

Here you have quite a number of choices, but the most famous are Flixbus, Vannnood and MegabusFlixbus is generally the one with more destination availability (in regards to actual bust stops) and departure points, whereas Megabus mostly leaves from Amsterdam. However, sometimes Megabus has super special offers and you may even get to pay 1 euro per ticket, which is pretty awesome for a short holiday escape!


Holiday Escape

If you are a group of friends and you agree on sharing gas and rental, this is probably the best option. You are free to move wherever you want and maybe change your plans on the way, based on your interests…and budget!

A good rental company is Cardelmar, which is actually located all over the world, but that works also in Europe.


In case you don’t have friends to travel with you, car sharing is another very good option! Prices are very fair and it is way faster than the bus. I personally used to be a little skeptic about it, but I have recently made a trip this way and it was AWESOME! The most famous is of course Blablacar and probably also the most trustworthy. One tip: always check feedback and comments about the driver, besides the driver profile. The website is pretty clear and transparent, just take some time reading through everything


If you have been living in the Netherlands for a while, you will now know about NS, the national railways. Trains in the Netherlands work very well and could be a good way to travel both inside and outside of the country.

However, they tend to be a little more expensive if booked last minute. BUT, if you book yous seat some time in advance, you may also find a 29 euros trip to Paris– true story, I did a holiday escape with that deal myself!


Holiday Escape

If you leave in the Netherlands and don’t want to spend too much money, I suggest you to first consider the above-mentioned options to travel. Like I said, they are generally better and more affordable.

BUT, searching for a flight is also a good option. Besides the super well-known Ryanair, you may also check Transavia, a pretty new but good low-cost company with which you can find very good deals- or KLM, although this one is generally more expensive.

VERY IMPORTANT TIP- You wanna know this!

For a few years now, I have booked my holidays and flights by myself and I kind of know the main tricks that airline companies use, especially Ryanair. SO, READ THIS CAREFULLY.

If you want to find a cheaper price, always connect from Monday until Thursday. In fact, if you check flights on the weekend prices are way higher. You saw a good and quite cheap flight last Tuesday, but now on Friday is way more expensive? Wait and check again on Monday morning, you’ll see that the waiting was worth it! 😉

Holiday Escape

How are you planning your holiday escape?