Christmas Money: Get a Temporary Job

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It’s time to fund your Holidays.

Staying home? All your friends are gone? At least you can use your time to make some money – and go home during the next break. But where can you find temporary holiday employment? Here is a small list that might help you find a job:

Visit our Job Board

Study Financing Netherlands helps students get student jobs. With over 20 job providers, you can have a look at our up-to-date list of positions offered in your area. We can also help you find a job by matching your CV with the available positions and writing a direct recommendation for the positions that fit your CV.

christmas-marketGo to the Christmas markets.

They are everywhere, and often stands owners are looking for a bit of help. The drawback is that unless you know in advance that a certain company will have a stand somewhere, you will have to wait for the Christmas markets to start and then visit each merchant – one by one – until you find the right one. It is worth trying, since after all, you might even get free Glühwein.


It is true that kids aren’t always cute and quiet. But during the Christmas holidays, many parents are looking for babysitters to keep an eye on their children while they (finally) can spend some time alone together. You can ask around you; sometimes an available job is closer to you than you would think. You can also leave your contact details in targeted places such as Kindergarten and primary schools.


Christmas means presents and presents mean advertising. You may already have seen some students helping with a company’s promotion in the streets. It happens that you could be one of them. If no employment agency provides you with this kind of offer, you could to go to the companies directly, or on their websites. In general, big retailers are willing to hire additional workers for marketing purposes. However, do not forget about the smaller firms that might be interested in your crazy advertising skills!

Ask your friends.

It is an obvious tip that many seem to forget. I bet that at least one of your Dutch friends has an entrepreneur as a parent. If you feel comfortable with asking them, then go ahead! Many small companies are looking for temporary workers, particularly around Christmas time.

What tips do you have for finding seasonal jobs?