What to include in a Job Application

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Preparing a Job Application? Let us help you.

As a student, money comes rarely and goes away too quickly. Most of us therefore try to find a side job. But your potential employer will need to hear other reasons than earning money to be convinced that you should be selected for the job. 

Below you will find information on how to write a proper job application.

Job Application

Your job provider wants to see motivation, commitment, and inspiration. So how can you convince him/her that you are not doing it just for the money when writing a job application?

 Step 1: Make the recruiter understand what this job means to you.

In other words, what do you wish to gain from this position? The most obvious reason as a student is to gain experience: as long as the job is somewhat related to your study programme, you can convince your recruiter that working for him/her would boost your future career expectations.

Convince your Recruiter 

Saying that you are tired of university and would like to do something useful during your free time will definitely earn you some points. Recruiters are looking for people who are motivated to put effort into their job!

Highlight your determination to apply your theoretical knowledge to concrete and real-world situations.

You can’t wait to test your knowledge about statistics and your communication skills on real people; now that’s motivation!

Step 2: Explain what you can bring to the company.

Recruiter do not want to hire someone who only adds value to him or herself: they need a person who will improve the capacities of their company. Carefully prepare your arguments, especially if you have little to no experience in the field you are applying for.

You are young, still studying and therefore you are able to provide the company with new insights & ideas.

Furthermore you will bring more life to the company and decrease the average employee age (We all want to be young!). Do not forget that almost every company in the world is looking for bright and innovative minds like yours.


notebook-1042595_1280 (1)You will be very useful in reaching other students and improving awareness about the company.

It can be very easy to use this argument in the case of a student-focused company: Tell them that you will become their best new talent.

Last but not least, you can grow to become one of their full-time employee in the future.

For a firm, hiring someone who freshly graduated and who has a perfect knowledge of the company is a very interesting prospective. So don’t forget about this argument: it might be one of the most convincing ones you have!

Make sure you contact our advisers in order to obtain your chance for implementing these techniques!

Good luck, and let us know – did you manage to convince them?