Dear Dreamer,

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Hello, dreamer.

My name is Ivona Hristova, a young lady with endless imagination; and I have a short story for you. You might be interested in it – I bet you are a dreamer, just like me. So keep reading.

I come from Bulgaria – a small Eastern Europe country with an aging population and a shabby-genteel attitude. Most of young Bulgarians live abroad and to me it is too sad to say goodbye to so many people who are going away.

Currently I am a first-year student in the University of Sofia in Bulgaria in an International Relations program. I decided to stay here because of sorrow over my loved motherland. But the picture here isn’t pretty at all – Bulgarians had fruitless protests for over a year against the Government; and even when the resignation no one better took charge. In the past couple of years many social and economic problems emerged and they are growing day by day.

Gradually, while I was walking down the streets, I started noticing more of the negatives than positives about Sofia, the capital city I live in. I hate how the streets are bumpy and every time it rains, little plashes, and big ones, are on every step or two. I am choking on toxic air from the constant traffic jams. Simply said – I very much dislike the environment I live in.

However, not only the environment but the people too became repulsive. In my opinion, all intelligent Bulgarians had left the country. I lost passion in communicating and socializing. I started to feel unhappy and lonely.

And as a dreamer – as you are, I dreamed to get away to a nicer place where there were no noisy and toxic traffic jams; where my dog wouldn’t get so dirty after a walk; where there are young and intelligent people I could communicate with and learn something from. Does this sound familiar to you, dreamer?

As you just guessed, this dream place is The Hague – a lovely international city with so much life in it; with much less pollution and healthy living residents; with high-rated modern universities for a better higher education.

I am looking forward my future in The Hague. Now I am excited to reach various destinations with my bike; to open my lungs, breathe in fresh air and to finally hear birds or a couple conversations – not horns and buzzing engines. I can’t wait to meet the different cultures all around me; to get to know people from different continents and to unite with them in a society. And in my opinion this society is healthy not only because of its everyday physical activities, but also in its mind – happy, unstressed, open-minded.

I cannot dream of any place that would be better for me now – what about you dreamer?