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Exams’ session: the do-s and don’t-s to survive!

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Survival. Or with other words.. exams’ session!

Just reading about exams’ session makes you anxious. Again? Another one? It’s fine, no worries, the good thing is that we are all on the same boatduring a storm, trying to make it to the end…

…yes, maybe this doesn’t really help since boats can make you sick.
But at least, you won’t be the only one with such eyes’ bags as that of Frankenstein.


Is it really surviving?

Unfortunately, if you want to get your diploma – and you wouldn’t be there if you didn’t want a diploma – there is not other option than surviving successfully your exams’ session.

Every time it sounds as hard as it was the first time, but that is how it works. So, the only way to get over this I-will-never-make-it exams’ session a few times a year is to think differently, and to act differently. Your keyword now is surviving– and possibly with some good grades, right?
Wrong. Surviving is for the edge, it is people’s last option, it is for the losers. But you are well-put on a firm ground, you are a smart person, you know a lot, you do not survive, you achieve!

So, for the winners, here is a list of do-s and don’t-s that you may find very useful to make it through the tough and arduous path of the exams’session.

→ DO Go to the gym

go to the gym

Romans used to say:

“Mens sana in corpore sano”

In other words, a sound mind in a sound bodyThis is why a very good way to unwind, and also to keep your body fit is going to the gym even for half an hour a day. One hour would be better, but you have to study, true.

However, even after a short training, you’ll see how much better you be will working for your exams’ session. Sometimes, you just need to unplug for a while in order to get recharged – it sounds weird, but this is the truth.

→DON’T Overtrain

We have just said that training is good but…don’t take it as an excuse to stop studying! Besides, you do not want to run the risk to get so tired that you cannot study anymore. So, one hour is fine, but then work calls back!

→ DO Take your vitamins

When you are under stress and you don’t have much time to rest, your immune system is super weak. Besides, this is the perfect season to get sick. This is why you need vitamins. One way to take them is buying pills – multivitamins are a smart choice for beginners. But, if you don’t like the idea and you are more a natural-kind of person, then you should eat some more seasonal fruit and veggies. 
In both cases, you can check on the Superfood Centre where you can shop in between studying, and can take from nutritional supplements to the real good food!

→ DON’T Cheat on the fruit

wine fruit
Many of you may say something like this:

Grape is a fruit. Grape is a seasonal fruit. Wine is made of grapes. Let’s drink wine to get some vitamins!

Well, that does not work! When you are already super tired and you haven’t eaten a lot and you still need to get ready for exams’ session, wine or alcohol in general is a very bad decision! Especially, if your exam is in two days…

→ DO Sleep enough

Sleeping is always fundamental for survival! I know that you would like the day to be 48 hrs long during exams’ session, but that is just not possible…so, make a plan of your day where you include a minimum of 6 hrs of sleep. Scientist suggest at least 7…but if you manage to sleep 6 you are already a hero.

→ DON’T Forget to set the alarm

alarm clock
After hours and hours of study, the only thing you see when you go home is your bed…

….still, remember to set the alarm before sleeping. You know too well that a delay in your study schedule may cause a catastrophe!

→ DO Drink some coffee

Drinking coffee is absolutely fine when you have to study. In fact, besides helping you stay awake and more active, it also helps memorising.

According to the online magazine Mirror, a recent research has found out that:

“Caffeine provides huge boost to your short-term memory”



→ DON’T Mix or overdose

We have just said that drinking coffee is totally fine and it even helps your memory…BUT, as you decide to drink coffee…

DON’T mix it with other caffeine-full drinks!

This, instead of helping you stay awake, will actually cause you an an increased blood pressure, and is often a precondition for heart attacks on later stages. Once your heart goes like crazy, it is very hard to concentrate, or even to stay still on one place. And you just failed another exams’ session.

→ DO Maintain a social life

You have to study, a lot. You are tired, a lot. However, although you may not feel like going out, try to meet with your friends!

Maybe just a coffee after lunch, or some study session together. Or, if you are not really a group-study kind of person, just a text message is fine. Your friends are also studying – most likely- thus receiving a message is always pleasant. and it is a good way to tell them you are still alive

→ DON’T Be too social

exams' session

Social networks are the biggest distraction nowadays, especially when you have to study. Because, yes, when you really don’t feel like studying, even though your exam is tomorrow, you automatically go check your phone.

It’s almost scientific. You don’t have much time left, still you loose so much time checking your online account(s) and what you see is happy people doing amazing things while you have been in the library for like ever.

So, KEEP YOUR PHONE AWAY or set time breaks to check it. Something like every two hours.

In conclusion…

Stay strong! You can do this.
Follow our do-s and don’t-s.
Now go back to study, chilling time is over.