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Experience before graudation – why is it important?

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Experience before graduation – why is it important?

Well that’s a good question. Many students nowadays consider whether experience is neccessary before graduating.

Obtaining experience before graduation requires students to devote time to work. Some find that difficult to juggle the scarce time. However it can bring you big benefits.

Below we will explain why.

► Experience is knowledge

Obtaining experience before graduating provides you with knowledge. This knowledge is a quality greatly appreciated by employers.

Knowledge can take many forms. When working while studying students learn to be more reponsible. Once applying for a job you can show the interviewer how ambitious you are. You can show that you not only thought about partying at uni (we all did) but also planned your future career.

Work experience, if its your first, is also the first opportunity you will get to develop skills appreciated by employeers. You might be working in a team at your side job. This will develop your teamwork skills. You will most definitely have to communicate with your boss or colleagues. This will develop your communication skills. 

Work experience before graduation also shows you have knowledge of the corporate culture and corporate etiquette. This is neccessary to effectively work in any corporate environment. Employers look for people who can work independently but are also able to ask questions when in need. One of the things you learn at a side job is how to be independent. Being a student you will  at first be guided by someone. With time you will start to be independent.

► The earlier you start the better


This is the golden rule. Okey, maybe not for everything, but in this case yes. Not only does experience before graduation gives you knowledge but you also learn from your own mistakes.

Might sound trivial to you but its actually vital. When working while studying you will most likely go through one or more interviews. This experience before graduation is vital because you will learn that interviews are not the most scary things in the world! You will also know what to say and how to sell yourself to the interviewers. You will be more likely to do well in the interview for your dream job.

► Working towards your future career

Ideally, but not always, the work experience  you gain will be connected to your future career. This is will increase your chances of landing the job you want. 

By working in this field you will already gain some knowledge and experience before graduation, which might make you a more prominent candidate for the job.

The experience you have will also develop your skills appreciated by employers in this field. Unless your Mike from “Suits” if you want to be a good lawyer you have to have experience in the field. Same goes for any other job!

For employers who are hiring university graduates, someone who has work experience seems a more reasonable choice than someone who has none. Of course someone with no work experience might have talent and potential as well. However graduates with work experience show their willingness to work and are more likely to gain the employers trust.