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Freshmen tips – how to get started?

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Freshmen tips – How to get started?

Being a freshmen. We’ve all been there or are about to be. Starting university can feel overwhelming, especially when you decide to study abroad.

The good beginning is crucial, and an adequate (or no) preparation can be decisive for a student if he/she would be able to survive until the end (of year one).
Although it can be overwhelming at first sight, if organized properly you can get on top of things in no time! It is the question of seeing everything you have to do and organizing your time effectively around that.
Below we have compiled a list of freshmen tips. Read these and we can guarantee that you will be able to wrap you’re head around your fresh start at uni!


List everything that has to be done

You may find lists to be boring but when you have to organize dozens of important documents before you jet off to uni it might help. Even if you are already are at uni but still have several administrative tasks to take care of, making a list will make it clearer.

You can also try looking on your university’s websites, because most provide freshmen students with “to do lists” before and after you have arrived. These lists will definitely help you wrap your head around everything that has to be done at the beginning of your freshmen year.
However, many of the guidelines would take into account documents organization that should be handled. Here we provide you with broader tips on how to start smoothly in all aspects in your studying in Netherlands!

Prioritize, prioritze, prioritize

Something you’ve heard before for sure. But trust us it does make a difference. Making a list is one thing but you got to know what things have to be done before you start university and what things you can put off for the first month or so.

When studying in the Netherlands and anywhere else abroad, the first thing you will take care of is accomodation. This may have been arrange months prior to coming to study or two weeks before. But always make sure that everything is organized prior to or upon your arrival. You can always look for accomodation once you have arrived but this may be a big hassle.

Another thing, which most students who are studying in the Netherlands prioritize as one of the first things to organize is a bike. The quicker you organize it, the more conevnient it will be to get to classes or any social gatherings!


Take part in freshmen events

One of the most important freshmen tips, which we can give you is to take part in most if not all events organized for freshmen students. By this we don’t only mean parties or social events but also events ogranized  by your university. We know freshmen week may be tiring but we assure you – it’s worth taking part! 

It is worth saving time before university actually starts for freshmen events. Parties or introductory events can be a great a way to meet new people, and when classes start you want have to sit alone you will already know several people!

Introductory events organized by your university are in turn a great way to understand your courses better and know what you may already have to do. Coming to university feels a bit like being thrown into deep waters with suddenly several subjects being taught at the same time and words like deadlines, midterms and assignemnts being constatntly repeated. These type of events help you cope with all this information that is suddenly thrown at you.


Starting university is a great time, all you have to do is organize yourself and enjoy the start of one of the best years of your life!

Let us know on your experiences as a freshman, and do not hesitate to request any further information on the topic!