Get local – meet new friends

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There is no need to say, Student, That once you move to Holland and arrange the last arriving details you would feel an urgent need to socialize. Not only your friends are far now but probably people you meet here do not seem friendly to you. Do not despair! We are here to give you some tips:

Instead of looking back and missing everything about your home, you better look around for current opportunities and get the best of them. Are you studying politics, or some kind of art? Look through the Internet and you will find student clubs with people who share your passion for various subjects. Not only you will find new friends there but this would be also helpful for your studies at your university.

However, if you are looking to escape from classes,, you can try to ask students for a night out. Your class probably already has a Facebook group in which to discuss lectures and homework. Forget about it and write an invitation for a drink or poll game. If no one answers you – too bad for them, try another expat group. There are plenty of them.

So, non-Dutch student, do you feel useless when trying to read in Dutch? The language is one of the trickiest for me! So what I can suggest is try to learn it with a native Dutch – probably someone who would also be interested in learning your native language. You can also try this with your Spanish or Italian schoolmates. What a better idea of learning a new language – it’s free and you are taught by a native!

Netherlands has wide international background with many cultures and nationalities. Try to find your national community, national restaurants or grocery shops and you will be surprised how many of them you can meet. When being part of your national community abroad, you will feel less home sick ask you will be able to speak in your own language and discuss topics of your choice.