Get local – share your interests with other expats

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Dear Student,

I bet you like to watch movies. Or you prefer sports? Are you a fan of the good beer?

If you answer ‘no’ to all these questions, I can continue asking you until I have your Yes but this is not my point. Everyone has different hobbies, skills and passions. So why don’t you share them with other expats in Netherlands?

A good idea is to sign up for a short course. Because of its multicultural background, the Netherlands offers many of them. You can find cooking lessons for an Eastern European kitchen or you can engage in activities such as yoga or karate. Why? You will learn something new, something exciting and something that might be valuable for you in the future. You will find other curious expats like you and make some new friends who share your hobbies.

However, if you don’t have the time and the energy for such activities, I suggest you to get out for a cultural event that might be interesting for you. Many Dutch municipalities keep their official websites up-to-date with lists of upcoming events. You can visit an open market, second hand fair or charity bazar; as long as you have curiosity and seek new experiences while being open, you are bound to have a fun time. I know I did and will.

Also, student, if you are a sporty nature, you are on the right place. Dutch are also very active and you can find various sport clubs and gyms. Do some research on what your town offers and choose the activity you prefer most. Bear in mind that your university probably will have a sports hall to; go check it out with your schoolmates!

Wish you best of luck, freshman!