Global cheap shopping festival

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Go cheap or go home

Cheap shopping is surely most of you students use this motto as a mantra for cheap shopping.

For instance, how many times have you said something like:

 “I need to buy…but I am broke”.

“Let’s go out on Sat…but somewhere cheap!”

“Look at this coat!…Nice, is it cheap?”



“I have to go downtown and buy…but I don’t have time.”

“I REALLY need nee socks…but I have a deadline tomorrow!”

WELCOME TO THE STUDENT WORLD where cheap shopping is a way of living!

Thank God, the world has developed and it has become a more student-friendly place. In particular, online shopping has revolutionized the life of those, like you, who don’t have time but also…


Cheap still remains your favourite adjective, we understand that.



AliExpress holds an annual sale, which has the code name 11.11.

This sale is held every year on November 11 and lasts for hours. Sale already carried out in 2014 and 2015 and, due to its popularity, will be held 11.11.2016.

During this day, items are sold with a discount ranging from 20% to 50%.


1) IT’S CHEAP!!! Of course…

2) YOU CAN ALREADY SEE  A PREVIEW of the item that will be on sale.

3) YOU CAN GET EXTRA DISCOUNTS and COUPONS, in the days before 11.11 to be used on that day! In fact: Starting from October 28 you can play games for coins, win coupons, share wish lists, set sale reminders and much more!


Do you want to know more about EXTRA DISCOUNTS? Then, visit this page: a 11.11 Shopping guide.



If you don’t know it yet, I’ll tell you. On Aliexpress, you can basically find anything!

-House items





Look at this category page to get some ideas!

‣ Cheap shopping in action.

Christmas is a great happy time of the year if you go to your family and meet with old friends, and then you need to give them gifts. Christmas will be here soon, and your money ain’t getting much more for a month so why don’t save more money and time and buy some nice gift now!


These are some cool ideas:

(click on the category for the link)

Men’s Watchesyou are the girl, but it’s your boyfriend the one who is always late! Have you checked if he has a good watch?? Jokes aside, this could be a nice idea as a Christmas gift. And if he is planning to have an important interview, buy him the fancy one, no one will know you paid 20 euros for it!

Jewellery: Adults are often hard to choose. However, most ladies will be happy on a pair of earrings or jewelry set. It goes wrong harder than a bag, or shoes.

Toys & Hobbies:  For the youngest members, the more colours, fur, wheels or sound it has – the better the gift is! If it also has multiple parts, you are winning. You gain extra 10 points for singing toy. 15 if it is from Frozen.

Consumer Electronics there is this person who supported you all year long, and worked hard to get you where you are. This is you, so treat yourself with a new extra if the old one is dying and you always complain for a new one.

Home & Garden We all have friends who still adapt to the adulating life of living alone. Get them a pan as a joke, or just some other weird gadged for home to remind them of you. It is also a good idea to treat your parents, or yourself with it.



Note that Ali lives in a different time zone, sooo if you don’t want to miss the notorious cheap shopping, take this into consideration and visit their website for more info and read the article “What time by Aliexpress”.


Now…you know it all, so

cheap shopping