housing in the netherlands

New academic year: looking for a house!

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Housing in The Netherlands

How is it possible?

..without getting a headache

housing in the netherlands

The new academic year has already started and students are all set: books, classes, super full schedule, new friends, old friends, and a nice and cozy house! That sounds like a fairy tale but reality is all another thing, and most of you know it too well. In fact, if finding books, new friends and having a crazy-demanding-tough schedule is the easy part, finding a place to live is not easy at all..

..and believe me when I say I know that!

My experience with housing in the Netherlands as a student:
► hasn’t been that nice,
► but things can get better
► and also, not all books tell the same story (Thank God! I’d say).
As a student at Erasmus University coming from Italy, I belong to the quite huge group of international students in The Netherlands.
The searching for an accommodation started in the way manuals would tell:
I was accepted in the Master for which I had applied,
accepted the offer and immediately after that,
mid of July, I started looking for a house,

’cause, you know, nobody likes to live under a bridge or in the library- although the second can serve as a temporary host.

Netherlands accomodation

How did the research start?

Well, first of all…panicking! When you are an international student and you have to find a new place, in another country, when you are still in your home country, it can be  frustrating.
But this is ok, if you have already lived the experience, then you know what I mean..
and if you have not, just breath in and out for a couple of minutes.

You’ll be fine! What may help you in this is having a friend who already survived this. I am here to, and i will give you the new reading of the old story about housing in The Netherlands. You are welcome! 😉

The most known websites for housing hunt are:

► Kamernet
► HousingAnywhere
► Pararius
► Nestipick

► Roomplaza
► EasyKamer
► Kamers in Nederland

They are particularly good if you are an international student. The offers you find there are open to both Dutch and international people. Why is it important? Some websites or housing offers are only for Dutch people, which means your request will be ignored.

Kamernet is considered as one of the safest and richest websites for housing in The Netherlands. Bear in mind you need to pay a small fee in order to register (which makes the service more trustworthy) . It is also important to know that people not always answer. Actually the chance could be 50/50.

Instead, HousingAnywhere is free of charge, it has a lot of offers and usually people answer. BUT- there is always a but– you really need to be careful and here it comes real life story.

search a place in Netherlands

In desperate research, I finally found on HousyingAnywehere what seemed a very nice place. Cheap, very close to university and the landlord was Italian. Like every smart girl, before signing or accepting any kind of offer, we talked through Skype. Always do that! He showed me the room and explained everything.

It seemed ok, I accepted.

Mission housing in the Netherlands completed.

Or not really.

Nobody could have known how bad this person was. He did anything he could to get more money from me. He cancelled my contract after a couple of weeks that I had been living there. By sending an email with no explanation. In the middle of the night.

You can imagine how shocked I was the morning when I read the email. It was a beautiful beginning of September and by then, finding an accommodation was waaaaay more difficult.

However, finding an accommodation is possible and definitely easier when you already live in the country. My story of housing in the Netherlands had a happy end.

And remember,
not all the stories come from the same book.
Just keep your head up and alert.

Back to the list

In case the above-mentioned websites won’t work for you, you can always check on Facebook. You can find many house searching groups depending on where you are going to live.
There is for example “Rotterdam Housing” or “Rooms and Houses in Rotterdam“, if that is where you are going to stay, but there is also “Find a room(mate) or house and Tilburg” and so on. It is easy, it is familiar, it is social!

Just type “house” and the name of the city for adventurous housing in The Netherlands

Another thing you could do is to check with your University and ask if they have a list of accommodations for international students, or a list of possible agencies and websites.
Don’t be shy, they are obliged to help you even with your housing in The Netherlands.
They would usually have have some accommodations available on campus or nearby.

Our advice:
Keep always breathing in and out, be active, write to people, reply to the housing offers, don’t be shy, be cautious and, most of all, listen to you gut!

If I had done so I would have probably not taken the first house and I would have not had so many problems. Also, probably the first place you will find won’t be the one and only where you’ll be living. That’s ok, it’s part of the game, of being student abroad, it’s part of the way housing in The Netherlands happens.
And believe or not, although arduous, the path is still totally worth it!


Tell us is short the most troublesome experience you had with housing in The Netherlands. Put #StorySFN in the end, and let us all laugh. In the end of October Study Financing Netherlands will select five people to award with free voucher from Deliveroo! Go!