How To Start Your Semester

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“Next semester, I will start working on time, make a schedule and stick to it”

Haha, cute. We all know this is not going to happen. Or can we make it happen this semester?

As a naturally pretty unorganized person, I managed to critically improve in this domain. Of course the results aren’t perfect (yet), but I can give you some tips that really helped me.


Wake up early.

By early, I mean 8 or 9 a.m. College life and its non-mandatory courses regarding the semester, are great, but the tricky part is to actually get to study by yourself. This includes NOT in until noon.

Some people might make it that way, but from what I have seen, it does not work. Also, by waking up approximately at the same time every day, you will get used to it and will start enjoying not feeling tired and useless all day long.

Make an ambitious schedule.

A surprisingly successful approach is to set yourself a study schedule. A schedule that is just a bit unrealistic (doing more than you can actually do). If you prepare your schedule on Monday, you will (for example) summarize 3 chapters of a book and 2 chapters of another book. This will keep you  motivated to meet your own requirements, and will work more than if you had just told yourself “Oh I’m going to read a couple of chapters today”. You probably will not reach the goal you set, but that does not matter: you will manage to study more than if you had set a lower target.

Plan  time for everything you have not yet done (But want to do).

Because yes, you are motivated, but you also know that some days your laziness will beat you. So this semester, make your schedule so perfect, that you will be done studying at least 10 days before your exams; this should leave you with some free time to actually be ready for your exam.

Think about your holidays.

It might seem counter-productive, but planning your holidays in advance might actually enhance your productivity during the semester. After a long day in the library studying a subject that you don’t particularly like, going home and organizing your next trip will certainly help you get a better mood. Planning the future reminds you why you are studying and what kind of a good time you want to spend as a reward for this hard work.

Keep yourself busy.

The more you do, the more you are willing to do. In other words, spending the day laying in your bed will certainly not make you more productive.

A fresh semester will bring you new luck: You can join student associations or find a side job. The point is that these activities will force you to go out of your apartment. Sometimes you will be annoyed, but at the end of the day, you will be happier to go home after being this productive, rather than having done nothing.

Did I miss any tips and tricks on improving your study productivity during the semester? Share them below in the comments section!