Importance of Communication Skills: Part 1

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Master your Communication Skills.

Communication skills are one of the most essential competences that a student must develop. Why? Mastering your communication skills can help you out in many aspects of life, from daily student life concerns or social gatherings to professional life and everything in between. Remember, The ability to communicate effectively is highly valued by your potential recruiters.

We will begin by answering the question of “why should students develop and strengthen communication skills in academic environments?.” Part 2 will focus on how students, especially introverts, can develop these crucial skill sets.

Let’s begin. Here are the reasons why students should develop communication skills at schools:

1. Schools: Safe Places for Self-training

Yes, indeed. Now that you are at a university level , the educational institution would be the place to demonstrate tolerance for your mistakes. They allow you to speak freely, to give out your opinions, and to receive feedback from your friends, teachers, and mentors.

At schools, you will find out whether an approach in communication is effective or not. You may also figure out various approaches of other people that have personalities different in comparison to yours. If your communication style is wrong/inappropriate or not effective enough, you will be more likely to be instructed by your teachers/mentors or corrected by your peers.
Safe places for practicing communication skills
Be aware that schools is not a risk-free environment. However, in comparison to the business environment, they cut you more slack and give you space for trials and errors.

2. Improving Academic Performance

#Ask Questions

For your teachers or professors, the mechanism is simple: The more you ask, the better you learn.
Improve communication skills by asking questions
Unless you fully understand what your teachers are explaining, make sure to ask for clarification, or even for affirmation. By asking questions, professors will know which part you are having problems with.

In many cases, professors will find out another good way to convey the messages to you successfully. Moreover, when you ask, it is more likely that you can remember the information. Consequently, you could have better results in exams. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

#Participate in Class Discussion

First, if you do not want to be  a ‘teachers’ pet‘, that is totally fine. BUT, speak up your mind, answer the questions, express your opinions. In other words, try to be active in class. Why? It is simple: You will be rewarded.

You are right; rewards should not be the real motivation for studying. Nevertheless, they would contribute greatly to your personal development later on. Firstly, it will create a habit of expressing your ideas. And you know the old wise saying: “Practice makes perfect“. The more frequently you develop these skills, the more effectively you can communicate with others.
Second, when teachers ask questions or demand a discussion, they are making an assessments on their students’ ability to understand and to retain information. So why not make a good impressions on your teachers by answering or simply giving out your thoughts?
Teachers and professors will definitely notice your efforts and participation. The more attention you can get from your teachers, the easier you can approach them to ask questions or engage in further discussion of the topic.

Besides, teachers/professors can write recommendation letters for university entrance exams, or any jobs you are applying for. All you need to do is to give them reasons to recommend you.

Okay, that’s enough for today. Now, you probably are more aware of how essential it is to develop communication skills as a student.
In Part 2, we will give you more tips on improving your communications skills. A couple hints: it relates to strengthening your relationship and to developing your professional success.

So, stay tuned for more information. And tell us, what do you do to improve your communication skills?