New Year’s Resolutions: Start applying for a job now!

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The new year has already been going for a couple of weeks now. February is almost there. And basically spring, summer, autumn….wait! No pressure. I know, this is what all of us are thinking now. But, if you want this new year to be different, you need to start behaving differently

A key to success is to start thinking and taking action in advance. Wake up when the others are still sleeping and the sun hasn’t raised yet!- it sounds poetic, doesn’t it? Jokes aside, it is true that every new year, you set new goals. And every year, you throw the list in the garbage. As mentioned in our previous post, one of the tricks to stick to your resolutions is changing your mind set.

“Ok, so…what should I do then?”. Start working on job applications!

January, month of job applications

If you are reading this post, I suggest you do this, now. Open a new page and sign in your LinkedIn account (if you still haven’t one, start it now!). Done? Go to “jobs” and search for either internships or jobs in your area of interest.

How many did you find? A LOT, right?

When is the deadline for most of them? END OF JANUARY.

Why? Because, especially for internships, new turnovers start in February/March. But the selection requires quite a lot of time, thus companies start the recruiting process quite early.

So, whether you are looking for a job or an internship position, this is the best time to do it! Especially, if you are planning to start around spring.

I know that January is also the month of exams for most of you, but think this. Probably a lot of people will be thinking that and therefore may not apply. So, higher chances for you. But also, once you have completed your application you will feel much better and even satisfied with yourself.

So, just do it!

Need some tips? Keep reading below 😉

5 basic tips to apply for jobs/internships

  1. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Yes, you cannot apply for a job just because it sounds cool. But also, companies like when people know a lot about them. Thus, do your search. Go on their website. Look at their activities, but also check their language. It is fundamental to know the jargon of the company, especially when writing your motivation letter. Also, look for some current employees’ profile on LinkedIn. That will give you an idea of the kind of people and experiences the company is looking for.
  2. TAILOR YOUR SKILLS. You have skills, everybody does (holding a spoon with the nose does not count here!). Anyways, think carefully when you write them in your job applications. But also, try to tailor them on the needs of the company and the job position you are applying for. Companies do not like to see discrepancies between their and your profile.
  3. SHOW YOU ARE PASSIONATE. If you are applying for that job is certainly because something about it attracts you. Because, you felt that thing in your stomach saying “it would be cool to work here!”. Well then, follow that feeling and, in your job applications, say why you really like that position. How does it fit with your interests and experiences? And use expressions like: “I’m very passionate about…”, “I am a passionate of…”.
  4. READ AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. Applying for a job is almost like a recipe. If you miss a step, you may be thrown away immediately. So, read carefully what the job offer says, what it requires, what you have to do to apply. A careful reading will prevent you from making mistakes, but also from wasting your time. Yes, because, if the position requires a person speaking English and Eskimo, well…delete that job post from your savings!
  5. PROOFREAD YOUR APPLICATION. You don’t want all your efforts to be thrown away because of a little mistake. So, although you want to be done with it ASAP, read your application carefully a couple or three of times before submitting it. And maybe in separated moments, since your mind may be biased or your eyes may not see mistakes. Otherwise, look for a second reader. You cannot imagine how many typos he/she will find!



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