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Job Offer: I Got One. And You?

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I Got a Job Offer

Today we caught up with Carina to see how she was doing after her appointment with Study Financing Netherlands. We asked her about what she though of the whole process and whether she got a job offer in the end. Spoiler alert: she got one. 

How did you find out about Study Financing Netherlands?

I found out about SFN through Facebook. I was looking for pages that advertise job offers for international students.The SFN Facebook group appeared on my wall suggestions, so I decided to join it.


Why did you decide to book a session with Study Financing Netherlands?

I was contacted by one of the active members of SFN and was told that it is a great and effective way of finding part-employment. I therefore decided to book a session and applied to the companies that have a partnership with SFN. 


What what the service like?

The service was good. I booked a Skype session with the founder of SFN, Kristian Voldrich and he helped me and guided me throughout the whole application procedure.

Did you get a job offer? Where?

I got a job offer at GDCC which is a global data collection and communication company. My position in the firm is that of a telephonic market researcher.

How complicated was the whole process from booking a session to getting a job?

It was not very complicated as the process is straightforward. I did have to input quite a lot of time and effort into it, but it was definitely worth it. 


If you had the chance, would you book a session with SFN again?

I definitely would. I believe SFN is a very good gateway that links students to companies who are looking for young part-time employees. 


It was great hearing Carina’s feedback. Now it’s your turn to apply and get a job offer from one of our job providers.