Cheap, Last-Minute Gifts

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Christmas is only a couple of days away

and obviously you still have no clue about what gifts to buy! Not to mention that you’re no Rothschild, so cheap gifts would already be a kind of present to yourself. Also, you would like to do better than last year (those socks looked cool, but they were still just socks). So here are some (un) usual gift ideas.

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The Standard Gifts.

I guess it depends where you come from, but I assume that chocolates and body care products are to be counted as typical Christmas gift.

The Pretty Gifts.

These are the decorative presents. If you know the receiver well, you can rarely get these presents wrong. A vase for your aunt, a nice poster for your sibling, or a small sculpture shaped like your dad’s favorite hobby will always be appreciated

The Useful Gifts.

If you want to think pragmatically, there are tons of possible presents you could offer. Did you notice that your mum is constantly complaining about this old mixer? Or that your sister definitely needs an external hard drive? Then you found the gifts for them.

The Customized Gifts.

Special presents are always unique in a way. There are plenty of possibilities; you might get a customized t-shirt, a book, or a bottle. Whatever gift you thought of offering to your loved ones can probably be customized in a certain way, which would make your present be original. However, these presents take more time to get ready, so you better prepare it in advance.

The Experience Gifts.

What? Yes – experience, and it could be anything. A massage/spa voucher, skydiving, a scratch map, a ticket for the premiere of the next big movie… For some people offering an experience leaves a better impression than a material gift. They will remember it more.

The Funny Gifts.

To give you an example of a funny gift; I bought a toilet brush in the shape of a gun for my brother. I’m really not sure whether he is going to use it or not, but it does not matter. I know that he is going to laugh when he will open it. And that is the whole point, right?

Remember one thing: a present will be better appreciated if it matches the personality of the giver – you. Your goal shouldn’t be that the receiver loves his gift, but that he loves the fact that you decided to offer it to him.
Happy Holidays! 


What unusual gifts are you getting this year?