The Netherlands: the new students’ land.

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new students – new record!

According to :

“a record 265,000 new students are currently registered at the Netherlands’ 13 universities“.

 The Dutch university association says that this is an increase of 2.5% on a year ago. Besides, the number of first-year students has raised to 52,000 (up by 8%).


Students migration

Among the 265,000 previously-mentioned, about 36,000 are foreign students.

In fact, there has been an increase of 20% in incoming foreign new students this year. According to the Dutch university association, most of them come from: Germany, China, Italy, Greece and Britain.

The most popular courses are: law, with almost 14,000 new students, psychology (12,000) and medicine (9,500).


What is happening?

In a world that is getting more and more dangerous and economically unstable, where people feel unsafe and threatened, The Netherlands offers the type of environment people need now. That is, a state-of-the-art country, in the middle of Europe, where people still have opportunities and can create a future.

The Netherlands are, and so have been for a long time, a multicultural spot, where people from different countries and languages meet. Just think that here, everybody speaks English as a lingua franca. 

Besides, On October 27th, DUO – The Dutch Ministry of Education – has decided to cut the interest rate on student loans to 0%. This will be applied as of next year and it will certainly bring even more students.


5 Good reasons to study in the Netherlands


As we have already said, the Netherlands are a cool place to live, but let’s see what are the main 5 reasons that could attract students to study in the Netherlands.

‣ Student fees

– We all will agree that, when applying for higher education, fees are one of the main point of your pros and cons list. The Netherlands offers study programmes with some of the lowest fees in Europe. For instance, the fees for EU students are around €1,900-€2000 a year, both for Bachelor and Master programmes. Fees are higher for the non-EU students, but still, it is a lot cheaper than studying in the United States or the United Kingdom – also, probably you don’t want to go study there now. 😀


‣ Scholarships

– Offered through your own government, the Dutch government and higher education institutions, scholarships are another good reason to study in the Netherlands. In fact, there are many grants you can apply for and a lot of these are available not only to EU students, but also to the non-EU ones. Especially if you come from a classified “developing” country, the chance that you get a scholarship increases. However, if you want to know more about this check out our page dedicated to scholarships and get in contact with us. Study financing is here to help you!

‣ Student-friendly- 

The Netherlands is a students-friendly place. In fact, colleges offer a lot of services to help students before, during and after their academic career. There are always offices dedicated to international students, career offices, counselling etc. But there are also a lot of students’ associations through which new students can learn a lot and be active members so as to build their CV and future career.


‣ Easy to move around- 

When you live somewhere, you also need to consider how easy it is to move from home to school, or to downtown or even to move from the city you live to another one. Well, concerning this, the Netherlands are simply the best place to live…you only need a bike! In fact, everywhere you can find biking tracks which go along all the city. NO car. NO motor needed, how cool is this! Besides, the Netherlands is in the middle of Europe, thus they are very close to all major and most-known cities (e.g. 5 hours from Paris, 2 hours from Brussels). It has one of the biggest airports in Europe and worldwide, so vacations can be a thrill.

‣ Everybody speaks English

– As we said before, the Netherlands is a multicultural country. Here, almost, everybody speaks English! Don’t stress too much about learning Dutch, although that would be very cool (and often helpful in finding a job).


Will you be the next student in the Netherlands?