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Networking skills – where should you start?

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Professional networking skills – WHERE should you start?

Networking skills. We have all heard about them at some point in from our teachers to be beneficial for our professional career. They are praised to be extremely important when building your network for your future career.
However it is not clear to all how to be good at networking and where to attain these “skills”.

Listen…(or we mean read) Below we will show you the starting point of your networking skills ASAP. We guarantee you will see results in no time.


Use social networks

Okey, this probably wasn’t a surprise but social networks are the easiest way to start working on your networking skills. We don’t only mean social networks like Facebook or Instagram but also the proffesional ones like LinkedIn. The quicker you start building a network on social platforms the better.

This is useful becasue these contacts may come in useful at any point in your professional career and it is always better (and faster, and easier, and less time consuming) to be able to contact a person via social networks when you need to.

The one thing that has to be mentioned is that nearly anyone can access social network platforms and check people’s profiles. So can employers. Therefore, although we are all in for expressing yourself,  doing so in a reponsible way may come in useful in the future.


Don’t miss any chance to network

Attempt not to miss opportunities to network with interesting people. While being at university you will have many opportunities to take part in dozens of events with proffesionals from different industries. These may be seminars, presentations or even formal dinners. Take part in at least part of them.
Bear in mind that as a student you can get discounts, you have vacations, your schedule is still flexible. Can you give more cons than pros for a dynamic networking?
All these events give you opportunities to network with the right people.

On top of that many companies organize speed dating sesssions with universities or associations at universities. These are especially vital because although you can’t “mingle” with people as much, you can get invaluable pointers you can later use or you might even get an internship.

Lastly, a great way to network is through extra-curricular activities you take up during your studies. Is it a job or an association, both are not only vital to make your CV stand out but are also a great opportunity to network! This way, after three years of bachelor studies you can have a whole network of connections, from which at least part may come in handy. Who knows. You might be currently working with the next Mark Zuckerberg.


Use your communication skills

You might say it’s easier said than done, but when did we say this was going to be easy? On a more serious note, you use your communication skills when engaging in working or conversation with practically anyone. What we are trying to suggest here is for you to use your communication skills to work on your networking skills. A lot of skills … We know.

When networking with people, especially with industry proffesionals or people you are trying to impress, what you say is vital. You should try to come of as open and outgoing and make them remember you. How you do that depends mostly on you, it may be through your experience you talk about or something you and that person have in common. The best way to improve your networking skills is to just start networking with people and learning by gaining experience. We are sure you will be an expert in no time!

What do you think? Are there places that are so much more suitable for students than others? Let us know in the comments below!