New Year’s Resolutions: working and studying, in the Netherlands

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This is one of the most-said sentences by students. Especially when you go to the food hall and the healthy sandwich costs 5 euros. Thus, you end up buying the inexpensive and super unhealthy fries. We have all gone through this! However, there is a solution to change this situation: working and studying.

A lot of students do it in the Netherlands. In fact, there are a lot of pros for having a part-time job. Besides covering your costs, a job may help you learn the language as well as the culture (if you are an international student). But also, a job is always a good opportunity to learn and get some experience.

In a previous post, we talked about how to find and apply for an internship in the Netherlands. In this post, we will talk about how to find a job in the Netherlands as well as what is required to work here.

How to find a part-time job

Finding a part time job in the Netherlands is never an easy job for an expat/international. You may end up spending your days by going to restaurants and handing out your CVs, while spending your nights on google trying to use the right keywords to find a job for you. However, Study Financing Netherlands has the right tips for you as well as a full service dedicated to students who aim at working and studying. 

Go to an agency…but be careful!

Most of the times, it is said that the best way to find a job is through agencies. A temp agency or commercial employment agency (`uitzendbureaus` in Dutch) is an institution that helps you find a potential employer. Unfortunately, most agencies only help Dutch students get jobs.

However, when you set a contract with an agency, the agency is your official employer. Although in reality you will be working at a different company. The idea is that the employer finds you and hires you through the temp agency. However, beware that you will not be protected against dismissal during a certain temp period, but at the same time you are free to terminate your employment if not satisfied.

Ask your university

Often, colleges have quite a lot of job offer for student who would like to be working while studying. Thus, go to the career center of your university or ask your department if they are looking for students to occupy certain positions (e.g. teaching assistant, secretary).

Another option would be checking the various facilities on campus (e.g. sports centre, restaurants etc.) and ask directly to them. They are always in need of new people since there are always a lot turnovers. They now that working and studying is a tough job.


Among these options, the best thing to do would be getting in contact with a professional, LIKE WE ARE! In fact, We are the first and only company in the Netherlands to gather student jobs in one place. You can check them out on the Job Guide page. Thanks to us, your goal of working and studying will be achieved.

However, if you do not find anything there that matches your interests or needs, we also provide other services. Among these, we help you get in contact with companies and prepare for interviews. In addition, we check your CV or help you write a new one. We have many different packages tailored for your needs! For more info, check out our Job or internship page.




If you belong to one of these cathegories, then you are lucky enought to not need any type of work permit. Therefore, you can start serching for a job now!


If you belong to this cathegory, don’t panic! You are still able to apply for a job in the Netherlands, but you need to go through some steps before. Namely, you need to apply for a work permit.

Student work permit or TWV

If you already have your permit for studying in Holland, you will also have a text in Dutch on the back of it stating that you must apply for a work permit for additional (part time) work and that other employment types are not permitted. You must therefore apply for a TWV work permit (Website in Dutch) and then you will be allowed to work up to 10 hours a week or for two months in summer. You will also not be eligible for student finance offered from DUO, and thus should look at alternatives to student finance.


Still not sure from where to start?

Check out Our Services page and/or set an appointment with us!