exams' session

Exams’ session: the do-s and don’t-s to survive!

Survival. Or with other words.. exams’ session! Just reading about exams’ session makes you anxious. Again? Another one? It’s fine, no worries, the good thing is that we are all on the same boat, during a storm, trying to make it to the end… …yes, maybe this doesn’t really help since boats can make you sick. But at […]


Who is the salesperson companies are looking for?

You are the salesperson they are looking for! You just do not know it yet. According to Grant Cardone, author of the book Sell or Be Sold: How to Get Your Way in Business and in Life: “Great salespeople are literally the engine of every economy in the world.” Now, defining what great actually means it’ kind […]

act differently

Building a successful career: follow your dreams…or not!

THE SUCCESSFUL CAREER RECIPE Since children we have been told what to do to be successful. How to build a successful career was a priority lesson. It was a simple recipe to follow: INGREDIENTS FOR A SUCCESSFUL CAREER: ✓ Go to school ✓ Be a good student ✓ Work hard ✓ Following your dreams ✓ […]

student house furniture

Student house transformation – challenge accepted!

Welcome to the student house! After a desperate research, you have finally found a student house in the Netherlands, yay! Though if you are a student, you have most likely found a room. What you need to do now is making it cozy and nice. After all, your house- room- is also your shelter! Then, here come […]

housing in the netherlands

New academic year: looking for a house!

Housing in The Netherlands How is it possible? ..without getting a headache The new academic year has already started and students are all set: books, classes, super full schedule, new friends, old friends, and a nice and cozy house! That sounds like a fairy tale but reality is all another thing, and most of you […]

Zorgtoeslag – Dutch Healthcare Allowance

Zorgtoeslag. What is it and how can you get it? As a student, your financial situation is one of our top concerns. Apart from daily life expenses, we also need to take care of other compulsory costs, such as rents and insurance. The Dutch government offers certain kinds of allowance to help us deal with that. Similarly with “huurtoeslag” or […]

Procrastination- the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Have you ever heard about the term Procrastination? The answer is more likely to be NO.  Kidding, of course. You probably know much more about it than you think.  Now, let’s us share what we know about Procrastination and how to compromise with it. What is Procrastination? Before going to the point, let’s have a […]

Professional Networking Skills in 5 Simple Steps

Professional networking skills – the soft skills to survive Networking is a often the path to success, especially in the business and corporate world. Professional networking skills can be considered as a key to expand your professional circle, with more chances of employment, partnership, business expansion, and why not more than that. For example, people whose main works and […]

student phone subscriptions

Phone subscriptions for students

Student hone subscriptions Student phone subscriptions. In a foreign country. Challenge level 9000! If you start searching for a subscription you’ll see there are countless offers of phone providers that will probably fit your needs. On one hand they may all have attractive offers but you don’t want to find yourself paying extra for something […]

networking skills

Networking skills – where should you start?

  Professional networking skills – WHERE should you start? Networking skills. We have all heard about them at some point in from our teachers to be beneficial for our professional career. They are praised to be extremely important when building your network for your future career. However it is not clear to all how to […]