Who is the salesperson companies are looking for?

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You are the salesperson they are looking for!

You just do not know it yet.

According to Grant Cardone, author of the book Sell or Be Sold: How to Get Your Way in Business and in Life:

“Great salespeople are literally the engine of every economy in the world.”

Now, defining what great actually means it’ kind of tough. However, Cardone explains, in a interview with Business Insider, what the characteristics which make a great salesperson are:

✓ Thinking big: a salesperson should focus not only on selling, but also in building a business
✓ Being able to listen: although a salesperson is supposed to sell well through the use of good speaking, he/she first has to listen to clients.
✓ Always looking for better ways: if something works well, it doesn’t mean there are not better options.
✓ Constantly thinking, planning: reaching a goal doesn’t mean having gotten to the top. It’s just a step, thus keep thinking, keep planning!

..and our two favourite:

– Seeing problems as OPPORTUNITIES!

see problems as opportunities

This is actually something we should all keep in mind, no matter what job we do. Indeed, this is the right spirit to have. Although we may see problems as something impossible to break down, it is also true that they may turn into opportunities.

Don’t see failed sales attempts as failure, but as INVESTMENTS IN THE PROCESS.

A famous quote from Thomas Edison inspires the nature of the good salesperson:

I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that don’t work.”

The quote is a good illustration of the way a professional should think. This is what you need to tell yourself every morning when you wake up.

Unarguably these are all very nice and inspiring words, however, you may also be wondering what are specific characteristics employers look for in their salesperson. Keep reading, more hints are coming!


employer looking for
What is funny, nowadays, is that you are all so focused on writing CVs and preparing for interviews, that you don’t realise that employers also need to get ready before interviewing someone.

In fact, if you do some Google search, you will find quite a few articles written by employers to help other employers to select their personnel. Well, actually, these could also turn very useful to you!

One in particular, written by Zorian Rotenberg tells the 5-must-have traits to look for in salesperson that employers want to hire. Besides giving the list, he also explains how to test those traits, which turns the article fundamental to read, if you are planning to have an interview. Here he mentions:

 Prior success

One of the most important characteristics is Conscientiousness, also mentioned in other articles as one of the bright signs for the right salesperson.
On the other hand, Coachabilitydeals with being open to recognise your weaknesses, and willingness to learn from others.

It can be argued that Prior successmay not be a fundamental criterion for everyone, but Passion is definitely something that you need to show during an interview. Introduce why you would like to be selected for the job, use senteces such as: “I am very passionate about…”, “I feel motivated regarding…”,”such tasks seem exciting for me”.

Point number 3 Intelligence is the least helpful as it is the most vague. He says that an employer can, for example, check the GPA of the candidate. However, does a GPA really tell a person’s intelligence? Besides, is intelligence something we can measure and define accurately?

This is why in today’s professional world, employers and companies do not really talk about “intelligence”, but rather about SOFT AND HARD SKILLS!

MUST HAVE: Soft and hard skills

Let’s first define – what are they?

A very nice explanation is given by Abdullah Hajar in his article published on LinkedIn:

“to be good at hard skills usually takes smarts or IQ (also known as your left brain-the logical center).  To be good at soft skills usually takes Emotional Intelligence or EQ (also known as your right brain- the emotional center).”

Hard skills are those you learn at school, at college. They are those kind of skills that you acquire after a certain training, so to speak. They could be:

hard skills salesperson

Proficiency in a foreign language
 A degree or certificate
 Typing speed
 Machine operation
Computer programming

Soft skills instead could be:


Communication skills
Time Management

When compared, it be can clearly seen that the necessity of the hard skills cannot compete with what makes a person stand out with his/her soft skills! The ones that any CV suggests including.

In the specific case of a salesperson, Hajar actually says that the job category “sales” belongs to those which require more soft skills than hard skills: 

“A car salesman don’t really need to know that much about cars, just a little more than the consumer.  His job is more dependent on his ability to read his customers, communicate his sales pitch, persuasion skills, and skills to close to deal.  These are all soft skills.”

Are you ready?

Although after all this info you may still feel a little worried and unsure, you are definitely readier than you think!

So, why not have a look at our Job Board page Right now, there are a lot of job offers for salesperson. 

Start by taking a first step, start applying!