School supplies: Where to get them cheaply?

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Cheap School Supplies

Starting a new semester (or trimester) with a tight budget and NO school supplies whatsoever yet? No worries! There are stores to get some really cheap school supplies. Next to this cheap, school supplies shopping guide, there is a checklist for everything you need to start the semester.


Graph paper notebook
Regular notebook
Eraser / Typex

Where to buy: Offline

The cheapest stores to get your school supplies in the Netherlands are probably ‘Action’ and ‘So-Low’. These stores have a limited range of products but they got everything you need. With stores all over the country they probably have a store nearby. You can locate the Action stores here and all the So-low stores here.

Next to these two stores, supermarkets and the HEMA also tend to have some cheap school supplies. Especially notebooks and pens/pencils. Try to avoid stores on the university or bookstores. These stores are most likely more expensive than the options mentioned above.



Don’t have time to go to the store, no store nearby or just too lazy? No worries! There are plenty of online stores that also offer cheap school materials. Just keep in mind that some charge a high shipping fee to compensate for their low prices.

An environmental friendly solution is using your laptop, although this might not be the best option for your concentration!

Use these suggestions to save some money on your school supplies. If you got some tips of your own, or other ways to finance your study materials, post them below in the comments! We are eager to hear where you get your stuff from.