SFN Shopping Series: Christmas Gifts for My Bestie (or Girlfriend)

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CHRISTMAS IS AROUND THE CORNER. Time for some Christmas Gifts.


Although you are now very much focused on your exams (read our¬†DO-s and DON’T-s article on how to survive), you should also be aware that…Christmas is getting CLOSER AND CLOSER! Which means:




It’s all good, no worries, don’t panic…I AM HERE TO HELP YOU!

In fact, to help you save some time and over-thinking (which you are already doing for that Statistics exam next Tuesday), I wrote down A LIST FOR YOU of things your bestie would absolutely LOVE! And maybe you also would.

I SUGGEST BOYFRIENDS ALSO READ THIS…I am sure they will appreciate the help! ūüôā


(and you also!)

Christmas Gifts

SLEEVES BLANKET-  No, I did not write this incorrectly. THIS IS ONE OF THE COZIEST AND SOFTEST THINGS EVER and she will madly love it. You can find it in many colors on Amazon.com and with the Prime option, you will be able to get it in a couple of days. So, even if you are a little last-minute, you will make her very happy!

Christmas Gifts

PHOTO IN A CANVAS-¬†You have that beautiful picture of you two, from the past summer, hair blown¬†by the wind, tanned skin, no exams…well, how nice would be to have it on a canvas, like a painting? You can find many options for this on Bestecanvas.nl. I am sure she never got anything like this before!

Christmas Gifts

CAT JUMPSUIT- You know how much she loves to be cozy at home and you know how much she loves cats…well then, she will go crazy, when you give her this. You can find it on Forever21.com¬†and you can actually choose between different¬†“animal styles”, in case she is more a panther-person!

Christmas Gifts

BUNNY¬†SLIPPERS- ¬†If you want to keep on the “bunny/animal track” then this is another idea she would love. So fluffy and cozy, she may forget to change them when she goes out- it’s written in the counter-indications, it could happen! These ones also available on Forever21.com.


INVISIBLE BRA- Yet another idea for your Christmas Gifts list.¬†You know that dress she loves, with a beautiful naked back, that she never wears…because she does not have the right bra! So, this one is what she really needs. You can find it available in different colors on Vouchervandaag.nl. Just try to remember the color of the dress…or slip into her room and check in the wardrobe! And if she catches you looking into her stuff, tell her you were looking for that t-shirt she borrowed from you in 2012 (she won’t remember!).

Christmas Gifts

BLENDER- Two words: SMOOTHIE EVERYDAY! She simply loves it,  she would drink 10 of those every day. She loves fresh fruit and yogurt or low-fat milk (yes, the low-fat specification is VERY important for a girl). With this thing, she will be able to have as many smoothies as she wants anywhere in the world and at any time of the day! Well, maybe this would be too much, but again, she will be very happy. You can also find this on Vouchervandaag.nl. Definitely a cool Christmas Gift,

Christmas Gifts

PALETTE NUDES-¬†She loves glitters. She loves colors. But then, when she needs something easy and natural she does not have the right make up…but you do, so she always uses yours! So, what would be better than giving her a beautiful palette with nude colors? You can find it in many options and at different prices on Amazon.com, in the beauty section. This is very tricky tho, in fact if you go check the page, you will most likely end up buying something yourself. It’s just that…they are so nice!

ONE PRESENT FOR ALL: THE GIFT CARD!- ¬†Well, she kind of like everything, but also pretty much nothing…she always needs plenty of things, but her wardrobe is always on the point of exploding. So, why don’t you give her a GIFT CARD! This way she is free to buy whatever she may need or want and you’ll be sure that she will be very happy anyways. Also- especially if it’s the boyfriend who is reading now– the gift card is the safest choice for you pocket, cause she won’t spend more than that! Almost all websites offer the card option, just pick the one you know she often uses to buy stuff.


Now that you’ve got some ideas, it’s time to hurry and after all…this is a good excuse to let yourself have a study break! ūüėČ


What other Christmas Gifts would you recommend?