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Student house transformation – challenge accepted!

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Welcome to the student house!

student house

After a desperate research, you have finally found a student house in the Netherlands, yay! Though if you are a student, you have most likely found a room.
What you need to do now is making it cozy and nice. After all, your house- room- is also your shelter!
Then, here come some tips to help you furnish and decorate your new and awesome-to-be place!

Step 1: Furnishing

Some student house would be fully furnished, some partially. But is it nice? Maybe something needs a change. On the other hand, if you find your student house in four empty walls to be your home, then get excited, and make it awesome!

What you need to do as first is writing down a list of the must-to-buy things like:

    ‣ Bed

    /or a mattress for more Zen /

    ‣ Wardrobe

    /or just closed storage for your clothes/

    ‣ Desk

    /big enough to sleep on it while studying/

    ‣ Chair

    /to storage your dirty clothes/

    ‣ Mirror

    /yes, you do need it/

    ‣ Trash can

    /FUNDAMENTAL! and plastic bags for it./


    boring person who wants to live in normal conditions, your student house will need a little bit more money to be spent on than just these few things. But  you are gonna spend so much money only in the beginning. It will pay off with time!

    Step 1.2.: Where to find the furniture

    student house furniture

    All of you will know IKEA, I’m sure of that! it is absolutely one of the best and cheapest options, especially for students, with a low budget…

    …BUT, be aware that it is far from the city so transportation can be costly. Affordable pieces are commmercial, and can get boring! Thus, if you would like to make your house a special and unique, then you may also consider other good and pretty cheap options. There are a few websites where you could buy your furniture, such as:
    Dille & Kamille

    In addition, if you don’t mind second-hand stuff, then Facebook is also another place where to get a look at. You can find many pages of selling second-hand goods, and most of them are in very good conditions and reasonable prices. Tons of students move in and out every year, and they want to re-sell their stuff, so why not subsidise the individual, than the company?
    Just type “selling in + the name of your city”, and you’ll definitely find something.

    Another online rich platform in marktplaats, the Dutch Ebay. You know how to work with it, just make sure the seller is living close to you.

    Kringloops are very famous and typical places in The Netherlands for second-hand home utilities! Google for the closest to you store!

    Step 2: DECORATING!

    You all know how important details are, and although you may not have much money to spend on decoration /student life? there are still many options to make your room look nice.

    Do It Yourself.

    DIY student house

    First, what about some DIY (Do It Yourself)? It’s fun, it’s cheap and it’s the best option to personalize your room!  You can find plenty of affordable stores around the Netherlands where to buy things for DIY. Just to mention a few are Action, Flying TigerHEMA. You can find these shops literally everywhere in Holland!

    In addition to these, there are also a few websites where you can find material for handcrafting, such as: and Formido.

    Make it green.

    student house - green
    It can be troublesome to keep a plant alive, but start with something easy. Flowers in The Netherlands are very affordable. They can bring a great atmosphere in a room. Just start with a cactus.

    Back to home.

    student house home pictures
    Either if you are an international or a Dutch student, most of you will probably be living in another city, far away from family and friends. Keep them close to you by having some memories around your room !


    At this step, your room should look like something more liveable and cozy! Your room is your realm and you want to feel good in it, right? A couple of things you may want to add are: a nice lamp, bean bag, or a fluffy and colourful carpet – And even a yoga mattress to stretch on in the morning, if you like.

    Now, one last thing: TAKE A PICTURE OF YOUR NEW ROOM AND BE HAPPY OF THE JOB YOU HAVE DONE! (You don’t need to share it with the entire online word, but maybe your friends and family would be happy to see how well you settled down).


    ‣ Don’t buy a bunch of things all at once, because you’ll probably end up with things you don’t really need.
    ‣ Take your time with buying the non-essentials to spread your expenses over time, and find the very right piece for you! Therefore…
    ‣ …Regularly check the second-hand pages on social networks, people post any kind of stuff every day!
    ‣ You always want to save money, thus ask friends who are leaving if they want to sell you or even leave you some of their stuff for free.


    Tell us is short the most troublesome experience you had with housing in The Netherlands. Put #StorySFN in the end, and let us all laugh. In the end of October Study Financing Netherlands will select five people to award with free voucher from Deliveroo! Go!