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Best student job positions

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Student job positions – what are the best?

Student job positions ? Good question! Deciding on what are the best jobs for students can be tricky. As we all well know, students have to juggle studying and working. Hence, not all part-time positions are suitable for university students.

Knowing what are the best jobs for students can be valuable knowledge, as it narrows down your search.

Instead of looking through an immense amount of job positions you will be looking just in a certain categories of jobs.

Here we have compiled key pointers we think describe the best student job positions. We are sure these will help to clear your mind about the best job position for you!

⦾ Best Student job positionss help acquire  new skills

Yes experience is one thing but gaining new skills is another. If a job position entails you learning something new, than go for it. Of course we are referring to skills, which might be useful in your future proffesional career.

Experience and acquiring new skills is usually connected. The most suitable student job positions provide young people with the neccessary proffesional experience, which involves learning about a corporate culture, proffesional etiquette and useful habits like long-term planning.

This may sound quite serious but its as easy as anything –all you need is motivation!

⦾ Experience is not everything

It is important, but there is no point in doing a job if you are not motivated to do it. Steve Jobs didn’t just create Apple because he wanted to create a company – he had a vision!

We are not saying you have to be the next Steve Jobs (you might be!) but we think it is useful for students to know what the company’s vision is and have similar values as the company he or she works for.

If you don’t share the same values or don’t believe in the company’s vision it will be harder for you to complete tasks effectively as you want be as motivated to complete them.

⦾ Don’t get in over your head


We know you’re ambitious and want to succeed, but remember you are still a student! No one (in most cases) expects you to have a full time job at this point in your life.

We all share the feeling of amibitous but we believe it is better to have a less demanding job and perform at it well than a very demanding job, which forces you to compromise your university studies with your job.

Here at Study Financing we help you to find for example part time jobs, which we assure will give you the experience and motivation to work but will not take up most of your student time!

⦾ Use the skills you already have

You are the best person to know what you are good at. You have good communication skills? Maybe a call center part-time job could be the way to go.

When searching for a job position as a student try to first think of things you like to do or, which you are good at. Why you might ask? “It’s just a job”.

Well, not completely, because being aware of the things you like to do will give you an idea of the strengths you have. This in turn is the valuable information for an employer at the interview.
You may apply the skills you already have at any job you pursue or they can help you to find a job you will most definitely be good at!