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Student loans: 0% interest rate in the Netherlands

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Student loans step into a new era!

This is not a joke. On October 27th, DUO – The Dutch Ministry of Education – has decided to cut the interest rate on student loans to 0%. This will be applied as of next year.

student loans interest rate

In September 2015, some important changes had already been approved. In fact, the repayment time of the study loans was increased from 15-35 years. In addition, beyond the 35th year and in case of inability, the loan will be converted into a gift. 

student loans 2015

The current interest rate on the student loans is 0.12%, thus bringing it to 0% is another huge  step!


What is student finance?

We have already talk about it, but let’s make a review!


Student Finance is also known in Dutch as studiefinanciering,. A financing package for students, offered by DUO both to Dutch and international students.

The new student finance is made of four parts:

1) SUPPLEMENTARY GRANT. Thanks to this you can receive financing based on your parents income. It is part of the student loans, but it may be converted into a gift.


2) STUDENT LOANS. Unlike the previous one, this needs to be paid back. Starting from next year, THERE WON’T BE ANY INTEREST RATES!


3) TUITION FEES LOAN– Students who have to pay regular tuition fees for public Dutch Universities of around €1,906 per year can borrow the entire amount in a form of a student finance credit.


4) TRAVEL PRODUCT– it allows you to travel around Holland for free, you just need to have an OV-Chipkart.


For more information on the student finance package click here.


What will happen now?

According to figures from DUO two-thirds of higher education students have taken out a loan to help pay for their studies.


Last year,family spending institute Nibud said that the low interest rate on student loans was prompting many university attendants to borrow money to save or spend on non-study related items. Let’s imagine now!

Of course, after the decision taken at the end of October, the previous figure will most likely increase.

Although this is a great news for all current and future students, it is less so for the government since the total debt accumulated by students has now reached almost €16 billion.

government debt

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The Netherlands is the place to study.

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