Students, Give It All You Got

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Dear Students

Throughout our student life, we met at least one teacher that really loved and cared about their job. A teacher who would go beyond the curriculum to give us a true life lesson.

There is a great story I found on the internet and I would like to share it with you. It is about a high school teacher who tried to explain to his students how life works, using a rather vivid illustration: he gave all of his students a paper and asked them to crumple it up.

Next, he moved the bin in front of the room and said: ‘’You people represent the country population (Say, for example, the western world) and everyone in the country has a chance to become wealthy and move into the upper class- all you must do is throw your paper into the bin from where you sit!’’. Of course you can imagine that people in the first row had hardly had to put any effort into scoring it ‘’in’’. But what about the students in the back? Students who couldn’t even see the bin? Those were the people we can all -or at least some of us- relate to.


Shoot for the Truth!

According to the teacher, education is a ticket to a front row seat. It is a privilege handed to us for free; we just have to use it instead of throwing it away. Unfortunately this does not seem to hold true- at least not in life after high school. You can armor yourself with all the education you can get, but reality can always slap you in the face.

No matter if you are an A-student and the most sophisticated, gentle and ambitious person on the planet; your socioeconomic status will take you by the hand and place you somewhere in that classroom. And there are chances that you might not get one of the front seats.

Give it all you got!

In society’s classroom you don’t choose where your seat- you simply open your eyes and realize how far or close you are to the board, to the bin, to your target. So yeah, students who sit in the back have to REALLY give it a good shot.

Against the wind of mathematical chances blowing on their faces and heads of annoyingly tall classmates, some students manage to straighten their torso in one perfect shot; the shot some of you are trying to make right now. Many did it. So will you. You just need to be prepared for the battle of your life. Have yourself, your best comrade, always fighting besides you in harmony. Steal your will, fill your quiver with  lots of ‘Thank you’, ‘I am Sorry’, ‘Please’ and give it the shot of your life. Because this is it.

Good Luck.