5 Tips for Studying During The Holidays

Tips for studying during the holidays Think you don’t have time for studying during the holidays? You’re not the only one. During the holidays it can be difficult to find time to study. With all the obligations with friends and especially with family, it’s important to manage your study time. With these tips and tricks we […]

Get local – meet new friends

There is no need to say, Student, That once you move to Holland and arrange the last arriving details you would feel an urgent need to socialize. Not only your friends are far now but probably people you meet here do not seem friendly to you. Do not despair! We are here to give you some tips: Instead […]

Get local – share your interests with other expats

Dear Student, I bet you like to watch movies. Or you prefer sports? Are you a fan of the good beer? If you answer ‘no’ to all these questions, I can continue asking you until I have your Yes but this is not my point. Everyone has different hobbies, skills and passions. So why don’t […]