Trump and the Netherlands: what will happen now?

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This 2016 has been full of unexpected and shaking news. And has not ended yet.

In the morning of 24th June, we woke up with the news that the UK had positively voted for the Brexit.

In the morning of 3rd November, we woke up and – as it was hard to believeDonald Trump is the new elected president of the United States. Breakfast was hard to digest that morning.


Now, although you may say that the American politics does not interest you, well you should instead have some concerns, because, that you want it or not, the US strongly influence our European politics.

What did the Dutch say?

“Bizarre” was the word used to describe the outcomes of this election – Trump’s victory – by some commuters interviewed in Amsterdam.

Others said:

‘It is like Brexit but much worse.’

‘I really did not expect him to win… this does not make me happy.’ (Source


Thus, frustration and concerns spread among the population, and not only. In fact, although some of the Dutch politicians tried to react cautiously or not to comment on Trump’s election, others openly expressed their worries.

Many of them saw parallels to the situation in the Netherlands, where voters are deserting traditional parties. They put high hopes in populist candidates, as stated in Dutch news.

dutch parliament

Experts tried to explain Trump’s victory as a consequence of populism, and Trump’s ability to appeal to the less educated. According to Van Reybruck, Trump was able to move:

“the masses who feel abandoned by the members of the established political elite who are closer to the world of business than the trailer park. They are taking their revenge for the growing inequality.’

Trump still makes someone happy


This was the hashtag posted on Twitter by the far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders on the day following the American elections.

Wilders has identified the American election as a “historic victory” and “a revolution”. He also stated:

“The people are taking their country back, so will we!” (Source

He also added that Europeans should look at Americans and learn from them. He also forseens a similar outcome to that of the US elections in Europe, during the next elections.

Can you imagine?


How the US election will influence Europe

Martin Schulz, president of the European Parliament, recognized the result of the election as a “very difficult moment”. However, he stated that the EU would respect America’s decision, despite some concerning words against women and minorities uttered by Trump during his campaign.

trump netherlands

Of course, this will have an impact in Europe as well, but it all depends on the next steps that Trump and his collaborators will decided to take regarding foreign politics.

NRC actually predicts a possible economic and social fall out and it also states:

“Trump has already declared his opposition to international deals about climate change, free trade agreements, Obama care and immigration reform.”


Depending on the amount of protectionist policies that Trump will be able to put into practice, his victory could have quite an impact on the economy of the Netherlands. As the analyst Diederik Brink on RTL Nieuws :

“the Netherlands is a major trader with the USA. A breach in free trade will certainly have an impact on the Dutch economy.”


The world will be much more fashionable now

Talking about the first lady, Melania Trump, the Telegraaf wrote that she: “boasted an impressive career as a model, and is the brains behind her own jewellery and fashion line.”

melania trump fashion

Definitely, these are all kind of skills required for a first lady! Who cares about the green orchyard that Michelle Obama made grown and took care of during the past eight years. Now, Melania wants to change it with a golf court, it seems legit, doesn’t it?

Well, ok, let’s give her some time and trust. But, in the meanwhile, let’s still get inspired by Michelle and all the amazing things she did in this past eight years: more education for women all over the world, health programs to fight obesity…oh yes, possibly Melania would also be eager to support this one!