Want a Job? Use a Simple Rule of Thumb: Quality over Quantity.

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Yes. Quality over Quantity.

You know the scenario. Suddenly you realize you are in a dear need for cash and so you start looking for a part-time job. You find a couple of them and you are so enthusiastic to apply for them that you begin writing up your cover letters on the same day.

You will custom tailor the first, second and third application.

However, you then ask yourself “what’s the point if I can use one as a template and just change a couple words around?” So after putting effort into the first, second and third cover letter, you begin sending out templates. You believe in the rule ‘throw everything at the wall and see what sticks’.

So what’s wrong with this assumption? Everything.

As the founder and CEO of Study Financing Netherlands, I come across a dozen applications a week. Yes, I agree, I am not the best at HR (feel free to send me your CV if you think you are!), neither do I have the most qualifications for such a position. One thing I do know however, is that the more applications I read, the better I understand who I am actually looking for.

Most of the CV’s that are sent to our HR department are quite unique. This makes me optimistic— It allows for an interesting read, one that grabs my attention while being informative at the same time.

However cover letters and motivation letters are a different story. Imagine reading twelve cover letters a week. That’s about 48 cover letters a month.

“Yes. forty-eight.”

Now, guess; what is the main reason I do not invite someone for a part time job interview at my company? It’s their motivation letter. Honestly, I would have never known how important it is to write a quality cover letter without having to read through quite a number of them.

Here’s the #1 thing I think to myself when reading a cover letter: Are you planning to send me a generic template that you distributed out to a thousand other employers?

Sorry, You won’t get the job.

And you will receive a dozen other rejections after this one, if you do not fundamentally change your attitude towards part time job applications, even if they are part-time.

I could write a list of reasons why I wouldn’t hire you, but I’d like to share the main one: Prior to even getting to know you, I see that you are not motivated enough to work at Study Financing Netherlands. If you don’t put the time into explain how you can add value through the specific part time job position, you will fail.

“Put the effort into it.”

Make sure I see how your competencies fit with the requirements of this position. I guarantee you that I, and any other employer will spend more time reading your application if you follow this advice.

Furthermore, get a recommendation from someone that you trust and that will describe to me why I should hire you. A great place to start is Study Financing Netherlands.

At Study Financing Netherlands we will help you apply for side-jobs in your area. We will match your CV with the available part-time positions + internships within our database, which allows us to determine the positions we can recommend you for.

After having a 30-minute online session with you, we will proceed to sending out the recommendations directly to the HR persons within the companies themselves. Our quality brand name and reputation will maximize you chances at getting a job.

Remember — quality over quantity.

What is your experience with applications?