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Working while studying – it is worth it!

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Working while studying – the ultimate student challenge.


Working while studying – the thought of it often brings about issues such as, whether we have the time to juggle work and studying or whether it is worth it.

Well this article will answer this question, yes it is! Just go ahead and keep reading, and you’ll learn why.

‣ The earlier you start the better


Sounds so simple, and actually it is! Starting your professional career as soon as possible will only bring you benefits. 

Employees are more impressed by a candidates who used their time during university to work as well.  You demonstrate potential employers what an ambitious and valuable candidate you are.

You will also gain experience, which will serve useful when trying to find your dream job.


If you start working while studying you will soon see what satisfaction it brings to be able to make your own money. Most university students have the comfort of being maintained financially by their parents. Having your own money, however, gives you more independence and can be a source of personal success.

You will be able to spend your money how you want to and where you want to without having to report to anyone. This would mean a few extra beers in the evening, or a weekend trip (and we are really sorry if you are working in the weekends too).

Learning to be financially independent is a crucial and unavoidable step in growing up. At one point in everyone’s life they have to become financially independent (unless they are the Kardashians) and make it on their own.

Why start earlier than later ?

Why? Because! Now you are in a comfortable position where you can start working while studying, but you’re not completely independent yet. You probably still don’t have to worry about paying all the bills from the money you make.

This is the point in your life where you can start working to gain experience. Still, you don’t have too many responsibilities that come with it.


‣ Apply what you have learned


Students who want to start working while studying are the valuable candidates for companies. You are a young, motivated person with a fresh perspective.  There are many jobs offered by companies in the Netherlands who offer work for students.

If you decide to start working while studying you can also choose a job, which is close to your studies. You will be able to apply what you have learned at university “in the field”. And also, Study Financing is a great place to find your employer!

Students are not expected to have enormous professional experience. And it is true that often students do not have any experience. Thus, you will be  able to learn how to work but not as much will be expected from you, as from a young professional.

‣ Steer your career


In today’s market, it is recommendable to start working as soon as you feel ready to take up the responsibility. And even you don’t feel so, probably the fact that you are afraid could motivate you to face it up. It is satisfying to have a CV that stands out in comparison to the many others. To do so it must show that you have a lot to offer.

You can demonstrate it by listing your professional experience. How can you achieve that? Well by working and studying of course! This way you’ll not waste time.

You will gain experience and once you finish studying your CV will be filled with positions to impress your future employer.

Today’s market is much more competitive than it was before. Starting to gain professional experience is more a must nowadays than a choice. You have to set yourself goals and start steering your career towards achieving them! 

Are you now motivated to work? Check on our partners and find your next employer!