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Welcome to our College Guide for studying in Holland.

This guide covers all of the important topics for you as a student attending a college in the Netherlands. We developed this guide in order to simplify your life have all of the information in one place, including topics such as what is student finance, what do do before you arrive, how to pay your tuition fees and much more.


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Financing your Studies

Education in the Netherlands

Moving to the Netherlands


Our College Guide makes life simple for you. You are busy and we know you don’t have time to search on google all of the relevant info you need to know. So we put all this information into one location, easy and clear.


All our information in our College Guide is always backed up by trusted sources. These include,, and many more that have a great reputation among the general public.


No need to filter through thousands of pages and databases. Our College Guide is clear and simple to use and navigate through.


The College Guide is written for students by students. We focus only on content that is relevant for you and we keep this content up-to-date in order to inform you as best as we can.


Can you think of a topics that we are missing in our College Guide? Do you think other students would appreciate this topic? Let us know. We are always open to new and relevant ideas, themes and topics that would interest students in the Netherlands. Send us an e-mail with a proposal to your idea, and you will get a chance to win a free appointment with one of our advisors (original value €25).