University Enrollment Steps in the Netherlands

University in Netherlands: Which enrollment steps should you follow?

Finding the right university can sometimes be a hassle. Make sure you spend enough time on deciding where and when you want to apply.

The first steps is to decide whether you want to study at a Research University of a Applied Science universities in the Netherlands.

Applications for a Dutch uni should usually be completed online via Studielink – the central app through which all applications are submitted for Dutch universities. Studielink is a resourceful app through which you can find updates on your application process. However, we always recommend you to check the university’s requirements first, since they vary from university to university.

You can apply for a maximum of four universities in the Netherlands via Studielink. Using this app, you are able to then select up to four courses of most interest to you. Remember that you can change your selected courses at any time before the enrollment deadline. Since this deadline is different for every university, make sure you check this ahead of time.

The 5 Steps:

1. You begin by applying for an account at Studielink.

2. Once you have received your login details through email, you can proceed with setting up your account and filling in your personal details.

3. You can then enter an enrollment application. Select – ‘New enrollment application.’

4. Once you are registered, Studielink will send you a verification code (Dutch: Verificatiecode brief). You will use this code to confirm your personal account details. Make sure you insert your verification code through your Studielink account as soon as you receive it, since after 14 days after the reception of the letter this code will expire.

Remember: keep an eye out for any new messages from Studielink, as they may contain any further important instructions. These messages will come directly to your email address.

5. Once you fill out the enrollment application, you will be asked to enter information about your previous education. Your institution for higher education, the one at which you would like to go study, will ask you to send in originals of your diploma and grade list. Remember that if the originals of these documents are not in English then both the original and translated versions should be sent it. You can then add any extra required documents, for example a motivation letter.

Remember: you can only attach PDF and Word files, so make sure to insert the scanned documents (probably in a .jpg format) into a word document or convert them into a PDF.

Once you have completed all of the steps above, you have finished submitting your application via Studielink. There may however be additional steps in the enrollment process (for example you might have selected a study program with Numerus Fixus). Make sure to keep an eye out for your application status at all times.

If all has gone well, you will be asked to enter your payment details for your tuition fees. These must often be paid before the beginning of the scholar year begins. The information from Studielink will then be passed on to your University with relevant information on your application status. Make sure to also have a look at which student grants, loans or scholarships are available before you begin your studies.

If you have any further questions about your higher education in Netherlands feel free to contact us.

We wish you best of luck for your university studies!

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