Tuition Fees for Universities in the Netherlands

Tuition Fees at Dutch Universities


Although higher education in the Netherlands is not free, it is relatively affordable. One reason why Dutch universities are so attractive for foreign students is the excellent conditions for tuition fees payment. Furthermore, students from EU/EEA countries can take a tuition fees loan.

Dutch and EU/EEA Applicants

For the 2015/2016 scholar year the annual tuition fees for Dutch as well as foreign EU-students is €1.951. Fees are set by the government and they increase slightly yearly due to inflation.

Non-EEA Applicants

For students who do not have EU nationality, fees are significantly higher since are not subsidized by the government. The prices vary from 6000 to 12,000€ and can be found on corresponding university websites.

Applicants above 29 years of age

All those who are older than 29 have to pay a instellingencollegegeld. The amount varies from university to university and should be double checked before applying.

Most Dutch universities offer students two ways of paying fees. In general, you can either pay the full amount at once before the start of the academic year  or you can pay in separate monthly or bi-monthly installments which are around 216 euro per month. The great thing about paying your tuition fee in installments is that there is no additional fee or interest rate to your payments.

Have your Account Ready

To allow your university to collect the amount(s) owed, you have to make sure that:
• you have sufficient funds on your bank account;
• your bank account allows direct debiting;
• you do not change your bank account (number) without informing the Enrollment Center immediately.

TuitionMake sure your account balance is sufficient by the time of each tuition fee installment to avoid any trouble. If your university is unable to collect one installment, their financial department will send you a warning letter. By the time of the next installment, the university will try to collect the missing installment once more.

The third time will lead to a blocking of your university account or in the worst case a forced dis-enrollment, meaning that you will not be able to register for tests or exams or register for any courses. Your account will be unblocked once you pay he full-amount that you owe at that moment.

And you do not want to make the administration unable to collect three consecutive terms because you will be asked to pay the entire amount due. You will also have to pay all associated legal costs and interest charges. You will then have no right to attend classes and to sit exams.

Some universities request the tuition fee payment for the whole year in advance. This means that you have to pay the fees before you receive the loan which may have a temporary impact on your cash-flow. You should check for your university individually on their website.