Student Finance: After you Apply

Student Finance: After Applying


Remember that getting your application approved and receiving your first studiefinanciering (student finance) payment from the Dutch Ministry of Education is only half the work. The other half is making sure you meet the requirements consistently. This requires utmost attention to detail.

Handed in application, but still not approved?

Before approving your application, DUO might send you a couple letters or emails regarding your application process,

Did you forget to hand in a document? Is there is a problem with your residence permit? Although DUO will not throw your application away, they will tell you what you have not done correctly (and need to fix). All the documents sent from DUO are  in Dutch, thus it’s time to call up your Dutch friends or use google translator.


Sometimes the letters from DUO may be unclear, and thus you might be required to make an appointment and to travel to their office just to hand in a couple sheets for your student finance application. (For example, students from The Hague/Leiden area travel to the closest office in Rotterdam and walk forty minutes from the Central Station just to provide what is needed.). You can prevent this by contacting us or booking an appointment with us.

You will probably be requested to act fast and send the documents by a specific date. We know you are probably thinking – “I don’t have time to deal with this!” But trust us: Although it might be a pain sometimes, once it’s over, you will be glad to have the financial freedom that you were looking for as a student.

Approved and ready to spend the money? Hold on!

Although you have probably received part of the financing, but there is more that you need to do. Remember that now you are also eligible for the Student Travel Product.

You will receive a separate letter with a unique code and instructions for activating your card. Make sure to follow all student-financeof the instructions carefully and ask us if you have any questions.


Remember to check your  mail often, as you will get important letters from DUO. One of these letters can be a notice, which states that you have to stop your travel product. This is very important and essential information, as if you do not follow the instructor, you will be charged a monthly fee for using the travel product without being eligible for it.

The ‘testing period’

After getting your student finance application approved, you will have a often have a testing period, after which DUO will check whether you have met all of the requirements. For example, if you have a zero hour contract, where your employer does not guarantee your working hours, you will receive a three month trial period, after which DUO will request you to send in your payslips for every month. Once DUO approves your hours indicated on your payslips, your student finance will most probably be extended for half year.


If you have a contract where the number of guaranteed working hours is 56/month of more, the testing period will most of the time be six months, depending on the length of your contract and your employment type for working in the Netherlands.


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