Student Finance Requirements

Student Finance: The Requirements


There are a few ways to finance your studies in Holland. Although it is often overlooked, the student finance offered from the Dutch Ministry of Education can be a great addition to your monthly student cash flow. Read more about this type of financing offered to EU/EEA students.
There are a number of general requirements that DUO requires every applicant to meet for this type of financing. However, we highly recommend that for the other applicant-specific requirements, pertaining your situation, you should book a session with one of our advisors. You will receive professional assistance, save money and time.

The General Requirements

-You must have an EU/EEA or Swiss citizenship. Other study financing is available for non-EU/EEA citizens.

-You must be enrolled in a full-time program in a Dutch HBO program or university.
-You must apply before your 30th birthday
-You must hand in your documents in advance – one to three months before you expect to receive the first payment/installment
-You must be registered in the city hall have a Dutch bank account and a DigiD number.


Basic Requirements for the Student Finance Package

Supplementary Grant or Loan

If your passport is from the EU/EEA or Switzerland and you have been living in Holland for the last (at least) 5 years – you are automatically eligible for both the grant and loan. However, if you have not live in the Netherlands for over five years, you can receive these two parts of the student finance only once you are employed for at least 56 hours a month (this is approximately 14 hours a week) by a Dutch employer. In addition, for the supplementary grant, your parents’ combined income must be below 50.000 a year.


-General Requirements

-Work 56h per month or lived in Holland for min. 5 years

-(only for Supplementary Grant) Parents income is below 50.000 a year


Tuition Fees Loan

This part of the package must be repaid back, however, under very friendly conditions. The annual interest rate is currently around 0.12% (2015/2016). The only requirement in order to receive this loan, is that you have to be from the EU/EEA or Switzerland. You are not required to work in order to be eligible. The general requirements remain valid.


-General Requirements


The Student Travel Product

This product is an addition to the study financing package. If you meet the requirements of  but it can’t be used if you are not entitled to student financing. You must also have a personal OV-chipkaart that you can load the product in.


-General Requirements


Work 56h per month or lived in Holland for min. 5 years


If you would like to know exactly what other requirements pertain to you, you can always get in touch with our advisors or book an online appointment with them. Using a personalized step-by-step approach, they can help you out with all application procedures.