Scholarships: Alternative Study Financing


There are a number of ways you can finance your studies in the Netherlands other than applying for studiefinanciering offered from the Dutch Ministry of Education (DUO). Two particular options include (non) academic scholarships and student jobs. In this section we will be discussing Scholarships – for information on student jobs please navigate to our Job Guide for Students.

Applying for a scholarship for education is another great option for financing you studies. Scholarships can be a simple way to pay your tuition fees or living costs, since you don’t have to pay them back (given that you follow the rules!). The only difficult part is the application. You have to prove to the sponsor that you are worthy of the scholarship and that you are the perfect candidate. Therefore, make sure you showcase yourself with the best qualities you have to offer.


Most Dutch universities have a Scholarship page on their website. If you navigate to this page, you will find a list and short summary of all types scholarships you may receive as a student at this particular university. However, there are some scholarships that are applicable for multiple Dutch universities.

An example of this is the Holland Scholarship for non-EEA students only. You can apply for a full amount of € 5,000, which you would then receive during the first year of your studies. Below you will find a list of some of the most popular scholarships:


A new EU program for Education, Training, Youth and Sport that runs from 2014 to 2020. Erasmus+ purpose is to encourage the mobility among international students by offering scholarships for studying and training. During a student academic cycle in a higher education institution you can spend up to 12 months your education abroad.

Erasmus Mundus

…is a program founded by the European Commission. Erasmus Mundus encourages the cooperation with non-EU countries. It aims for an easier and more successful transition into master’s degree programs offered by institutions in EU member states. Erasmus Mundus aims to improve the quality of higher education in the EU and to attract both EU and non-EU students to apply to EU universities.

MENA Scholarship Program (MSP)

…targets non-EU professionals under forty-five years. A total of 140 MENA Scholarships are offered yearly applicable for professionals from Algeria , Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Syria and Tunisia. The scholarship can be applied for selected short courses in the Netherlands with a duration between two and twelve weeks.

Netherlands Fellowship Programs

…aim to prompt professional education in Netherlands in three sub programs for individual fellowships. By funding short courses, master’s degree programs and PhD studies, Netherlands Fellowship Programs strives to encourage strong relations, communications and a working environment among organizations of 51 countries.

Orange Tulip Scholarship Program

…was firstly launched in China in 2008. Now it is available for Brazil, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico and Russia.

Science without Borders Holland Program

…targets 200 Brazilians who would like to study in the Netherlands. It offers either one semester or an entire academic year at an undergraduate level in one of the key areas in the Netherlands. Perhaps, as this program is part of the general Science without Borders Program, the priority areas are selected by its governing body.

Sino-Dutch Bilateral Exchange Program

…is also known as China Program. And not by accident – the scholarships aims to award 25 Chinese candidates who aspire to study or research in the Netherlands. The program focuses on Chinese third-year bachelor, master or PhD students who in addition to their motivation and hard work also have exemplary academic results.

StuNed Scholarships

…are aimed to fund Indonesian professionals’ master studies, short courses and customized training programs. The candidates must have at least two years of work experience in a development-related organisation.

Non-Academic Scholarships

You can also apply for a number of non-academic scholarships. Our partners Uniplaces offers one of these scholarships. Other scholarships include sport scholarships, music scholarships, art scholarships. Please refer to your university of interest for further in formation on these types of scholarships.



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