DUO – Dutch Ministry of Education

DUO – Dutch Ministry of Education


Dients Uitovering Onderwijs (DUO) is the Dutch Ministry of Education. It is the governmental body that works directly with students, universities and teachers in the Netherlands. DUO makes decisions regarding the educational system on both the national and local level. The institution is responsible for informing, administrating and financing students in the Netherlands.
The first time you might have heard of DUO was in relations to studiefinanciering (student finance). The reason behind this is that DUO is the provider of this financing, consisting of various grants and loans for students.

What does DUO do?

-It funds Dutch educational institutions (including your university);
-It provides grants and loans to students;
-It collects tuition fees and student loan installments;
-It deals with the recognition of foreign diplomas corresponding to the Dutch system;
-It processes applications and is involved in the selection process for higher education;
-It collects and analyzes data for different educational aspects aiming for constant improvement

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

DUOMany things have been said about the Dutch Ministry of Education in the past, both good and bad. Although we do not want to delve into the details, we would like to recommend you something. We would like to recommend you on getting in touch first before you go to DUO. Why?

1) You will save time

We do everything online. This means that you can also book an appointment with one of our advisors online, instead of spending time on travelling to the nearest DUO office or having a tough time reaching them over the phone.

2) You will save money

Traveling is not for free, unless you already have a Travel Product. Save the money that you would normally spend on travelling to DUO multiple times, ask us first and only then travel to the institution in order to hand in your documents.

3) You will receive professional assistance

Our Client Advisors are professionals. Their knowledge on the application procedures are extensive and they will help you answer any question regarding financing your studies in the Netherlands and getting a student job.

What’s Next?

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After Applying for Student Finance

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