Before Arriving in the Netherlands

Things to do before arriving 


We know you are excited. So let us go through a couple important points you should take care of prior to arriving in the Netherlands

1) Legalize your diploma

In order to complete your enrollment process at your university, you must provide the institution with your original high school diploma – a copy of it will not do it. If your diploma is not in English or Dutch, you must provide your university with a legalized translation in English in order to be accepted.

2) Get your language certificate

If you are not native English speaker and you want to enroll into an English program you must provide your university with IELTS exam certificate. Most universities require minimum score of 6.0. However always check with your university.

3) Get in touch with your university

Write them an email or call them up– make sure that everything is OK with your application and you are following the enrollment process correctly.

4) Look for accommodation online

Many universities offer rooms for their freshmen, but there are also alternative options. There are many offers available on the Internet for rent. The offers vary from short and long term, shared with multiple people or individuals, private studios as well as and student hotels. The prices start from around €250 p.m. We suggest joining multiple Facebook groups and keep an eye out for an interesting rental.

5) Get in touch with Study Financing Netherlands

Let us know that you are coming to town! We would love to help you with any questions regarding financing your studies and finding a student job.

5) Book an appointment with the City Hall

If you already found the accommodation you are looking for you will need register your address. However, this is only possible when you are actually present in Rotterdam. Make sure you book an appointment ahead of time so you can register at the municipality within the first weeks after arriving in the Netherlands.

6) Get to know the area via Google maps

Check out your city from above. See where your University is and how close you would like to live near it. Using google maps, check out how long it takes to get from various places to your university, where you can do your grocery shopping, where you can go play a round of tennis or where you can grab your beloved Starbucks coffee.

7) Arriving before the beginning of the academic year stars

We recommend you to arrive in the Netherlands at least 1 week before the beginning of the school year. You want to have enough time to get to know the area and make your registration in the city hall before starting your classes. Also, you can use this week to check out your student accommodation.

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